BHL This Week – April 26th, 2013


This Week – In this episode Black Hollywood Live hosts Derrial Christon, Courtney Stewart, and Jesse Janedy discuss the latest news for the week of April 26th, 2013. Jesse opens up with Will.I.Am admits he’s a copy cat, Snoop Lion vs congress, Kelly Rowland poses without makeup for People mag, a fan suing Derek Rose for not playing this season, Draya Michelle releases new #saynotodrugs t-shirt, and Ciaria’s body party on fire video. Courtney then gets into the rumors and gossip with Iyanla failing to save lives, SONY and Lauren Hill to put out new songs, Allen Iverson broke, DMX mad at Oprah, Amy Winehouse’s dad not happy with Beyonce, and Khloe Kardashian leaving the X Factor. Derrial rounds things off with Will Smith not believing in punishing kids, TSAs new law on knives, hackers who report a White House attack, same sex marriage legalized in France, and how Starr Jones spoke out about editing in reality TV.