BHL This Week – August 23rd, 2013

BHL: This Week –

In this episode Black Hollywood Live hosts Derrial Christon, Courtney Stewart and Jesse Janedy discuss news for the week of August 23rd, 2013. Jesse opens up with Lee Thompson Young’s suicide, Gabby Douglas’ upcoming biopic, Juicy J giving out twerking scholarships, J. Cole says Obama wouldn’t be president if he was dark skinned and Wayne Brady weighs in on Kendrick Lamar. Courtney switches to talk about Russell Simmons feels heartbroken over Harriet Tubman sex tape, Raz B in a fake coma, Sean Diddy Combs gets sued by former intern, Kris Jenner encourages Khloe to stay with Lamar and Wayne Brady talks about the Harriet Tubman sex tape video. Derrial finishes by discussing the March on Washington’s 50th Anniversary, updates on Georgia school shooting, Bloomberg mocked on twitter over “Stop & Frisk” comments, a Colorado Senator says blacks eat too much chicken and Wayne Brady talks about the ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ premiere.