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November 22nd, 2013 – Black Hollywood Live’s This Week

BHL: This Week – In this episode Black Hollywood Live hosts Courtney Stewart, Jesse Janedy and Nick Perdue discuss news for the week of November 22nd, 2013. Jesse opens up with Diddy teams with the NBA, fans react over Jay Z/Barneys pricing, and Shonda Rhimes getting first book deal. Nick switches to talk about Chris Brown back in rehab again, Kanye West vs. Zappos, and Outkast may reunite. Courtney finishes by discussing USA Today vs. Best Man Holiday, Fox News vs. Oprah, and white writer says “They Are Still Our Slaves.”


  1. the title of the article was stupid and got the necessary push back, but even you at black hollywood live and have talked about the fact films with a predominently black casts have done well, i’ve seen some of you inclusing derrial or audrey talkin about the renaissance of black movies, so USAToday talkin about it is not the issue, the issue is just title!

  2. Audrey’s hability to drop knowledge is amazing!

  3. Pebbles is wining or some people in her camp know how to visit your website everyday to clik and vote for her?

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