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June 6th, 2014 – Black Hollywood Live’s This Week

BHL: This Week — In this episode Black Hollywood Live hosts Derrial Christon, Courtney Stewart and Nick Perdue discuss news for the week of June 6th, 2014. Jesse opens up with Lupita Officially Joins Star Wars, Pastor Preaches These Hoe’s Ain’t Loyal, and Justin Bieber Drops The Bomb. Courtney switches to talk about Cast Of RHOA wants more money, Mike Epps Goes Cray Cray, and Arsenio Hall Cancelled….Maybe?. Derrial wraps things up with Google’s “Diversity Plan”, Obama Causes Controversy… Again, and Did 12 Years A Slave Suck Up All The White Guilt?

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  1. I guess this is more if an entertainment show so I shouldn’t be expecting that you all have all of the information. Here are a few points that might be of interest.

    -the not “negotiating with terrorists” is more of a saying and not an actual rule. The Iran-contra deal that Reagan negotiated to get back the hostages is the biggest example of this. We gave arms, tanks, etc to the Islamic jihadist group to get back american hostages. And keep in mind they were not soldiers, they were hostages.
    -they are actually not “terrorists”, they were prisoners of war and officials in the Taliban. Remember that the perpetrators of 9/11 were al kaida and not the Taliban. The Taliban (while obviously a horrible group) does not generally engage in terror within our borders. They are more of a guerrilla group who are concerned with controlling/engaging in terror within Afganistan and neighboring countries.
    -the Taliban members released are not as important as the mainstream media has been portraying them to be. They also would have also been released at the end of the war anyhow because they are prisoners of war. That is how wars work. You release the prisoners you have captured whe. The war comes to an end. Meaning we would have had to release them anyhow.
    -they have been in Guantanamo bay for 12+ years
    -we are the United States, what makes us better is that we are getting our people back and we will deal with whether he deserted or not within our justice system. We do not leave our soldiers behind in the hands of people who have beheaded ppl and other horrible things.
    -while I myself am not a fan of drones, I wouldn’t be suprised if the administration has plans to track them and eliminate them using drones. Just a thought to keep in mind.

    Sorry that this is not more organized, but wanted to give you all a few pieces of information that would clear up your convo. If cnn, msnbc, and other main stream media outlets are the only places that you get your news, it will never be a complete picture. I would recommend also checking out TYT, Al Jazeera America, Rawstory, BBC, and the like to get a more in depth look at a lot of these hard news stories.

    I enjoy this show as a whole, but had a question as to why Derrial introduces more of the hard news topics when it seems that Courtney is always the most informed host (when it comes to politics/world affairs/etc) on the panel? Not saying that he is not doing a good job, but it would make more sense to me that she leads that section.

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