Net Neutrality In Danger, Musk Launches Neuralink & More! | BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech.

@JoeKBraswell and @AkiliShine discuss tech & geek news on BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech! Today’s stories:

• You have just hours to stop Congress from giving away your browsing history
• White House announces Office of American Innovation
• Bans on laptops and iPads could be extended to ALL flights amid new terror tactics
• Push for internet privacy rules moves to Statehouses
• Facebook launches stories to complete it’s all out assault on Snapchat
• Wells Fargo introducing cardless Apple Pay ATM withdrawals later this year
• Family upset that Apple won’t unlock dead
• UK government says Apple ‘cannot get away with’ unbreakable encryption following terrorist attack
• Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI
• Live a day in the life of a fake news creator

• Beat 1 is ‘the biggest radio station in the world’, says Apple music
• Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins will direct an Underground Railroad series at Amazon
• The new ‘Justice League’ trailer
• ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ trailer spoils the entire film