Taraji Has Beef With Nia Long


By: Lanisha Taylor

The split between rumors and the truth continues on with Empire star Taraji P. Henson and the show’s newest cast member Nia Long. According to BET and Essence, there was a complaint coming from Empire’s makeup and hair team saying that Nia Long had a rude behavior and has demanded a lawsuit against Long.

We’ve heard of our share of divas but Nia Long really knew how to push some people’s buttons, especially, the Queen lion herself, Taraji. Bringing the update on the alleged feud, Nia Long has finally talked to the paparazzi. She responded by saying, “there’s no lawsuit and there’s never been a lawsuit.”According to the insider, “Tensions calmed between them towards the end of the season, but it comes down to the fact that they both have been in the industry for so long and both want to be the star.” There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth. Fans are waiting to see BOTH stars together and talk this alleged feud.