Life-Size 2″ Starring Tyra Banks Is Headed to Freeform


By: Amelia Fabiano

After seventeen years, the wait is over. Tyra Banks is officially returning for the sequel to her hit Disney TV movie, “Life-Size.”

The sequel, “Life-Size 2,” will be brought to the small screen by Freeform, a sister network to the Disney Channel. The sequel has been in talks for the past few years. “There is no one else that can play Eve but me, thank you very much,” Banks, who starred as iconic doll Eve in the original movie, said in 2015. “I’m just joking with you, but yes, I am going to be Eve.”

The premise of the sequel will be similar to its predecessor, only this time, Eve is all grown up and magically awoken to help a young woman learn to love again. The network described it as a “fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie.”

Lindsay Lohan played the doll’s owner in the 2000 movie, but no further casting has been announced for the sequel. “We have not talked about casting at all so I have no idea who is going to be the young person that will be the owner of Eve,” Banks said in 2015.

“Life-Size 2” is set to air in December 2018, during the network’s popular “25 Days of Christmas” month long special programming season.