More Controversy for ‘All Eyez On Me’

By: Ali Marashi

The biopic of Tupac Shakur’s life, “All Eyez On Me,” is no stranger to controversy. Ever since the film’s premiere, there have been mixed reviews. Some people, like 50 Cent and Jada Pinkett Smith, have harshly criticized the film while others, such as MC Hammer and Diddy, have praised it.

The movie has nearly the amount of controversy that Tupac had in his own life.

Hip-hop journalist Kevin Powell is the newest outspoken hater, going so far as to call for every theater to pull the movie immediately.

TMZ revealed that the biopic’s executive producer L.T. Hutton did an interview just this month, saying he looked at all of Tupac’s interview to make the movie. After doing some digging, TMZ found out Powell filed this lawsuit because Hutton used interviews he conducted with the rap legend to write the script without his permission.

TMZ offered that Powell saw “many similarities to his articles.” For example, the movie has a character named Nigel, just like in Powell’s article. But Powell claims that Nigel was fictional, based on a real guy named Haitian Jack.

I guess we will all have to wait and see how this lawsuit plays out.

The Next Fast and Furious Might Feature More Women

By: Ali Marashi

The Fast and Furious franchise has been quite popular in the last decade. The movie has evolved with new characters and has grown from what it originally started with. Moreover, as fans we saw the love and support from the cast after the sudden death of fellow Fast and Furious actor, Paul Walker. Although, there has been many changes, opportunities for women in the franchise has not been one. Michelle Rodriguez took to Instagram to express her feelings about this topic.

The post: “F8 is out digitally today, I hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one. Or I just might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise. It’s been a good ride & I’m grateful for the opportunity the fans & studio have provided over the years…” The actress has played Letty Ortiz in the past eight installments. The movie has created new roles for women in the past, but hopefully they will offer more and create a new dynamic for the next installment.

Did Hugh Jackman Just Create ShowBiz?

By: Ali Marashi

The rumors are true, Twentieth Century Fox released the trailer for the first trailer for P.T. Barnum-inspired musical biopic “The Greatest Showman”. The story of a visionary who makes it from nothing creating a worldwide sensation spectacle. This is going to feature very popular actors and actresses such as Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya. Along with these actors, the biopic plans to feature popular songs from La La Land.

This showbiz story, directed by Michael Gracey plans to cover the story of Hugh Jackman’s character who gets fired from his job, and creates show business. His character convinces characters such as Zac Efron’s to “run away and join the circus”. This is the first movie to ever cover the creation of show business. The story follows his promise to his family that he would create a better life for them. He does this by creating a crew of circus acts. The movie quotes, “No one ever made a difference by being life everyone else,” Jackman says in a cutaway.

Gal Gadot Says ‘Wonder Woman’ Audition Was ‘Torture’

By: Taylor Gates

Gal Gadot is slaying at the box office this summer as the lead in DC’s smash hit, “Wonder Woman.” Before she was Diana Prince, the 32-year-old Israeli actress appeared in the “Fast & Furious” franchise as well as films like “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” “Knight and Day,” and “Date Knight.” However, it was being cast as the fierce superhero that made her a household name. Gadot recently talked to “W Magazine” about what the audition process was like.

“When I auditioned for ‘Batman v Superman,’ I didn’t know it was for ‘Wonder Woman,’ she said. “The director, Zack Snyder, asked me to do a camera test. That was torture.”

What made it so hard, Gadot said, was that her and the seven other girls in the running were told to stay in separate trailers until they were called. “Waiting is my enemy Number One,” she revealed. “I was losing my mind.”

Luckily, it was Queen Bey to the rescue. Gadot decided to turn on one of the singer’s most iconic tunes (and a super fitting, female-empowerment anthem), “Run the World (Girls),” to get pumped up and find her zen. “I just started to dance, and I let my anxiety go. Thank you Beyoncé!”

Lionsgate Debuts Name Change for Eighth “Saw” Film

By: Ali Marashi

One of the most popular horror movies is getting an eighth sequel, “Saw.”  Fans cannot wait to see it, premiere date is Oct 27. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, the horror movies surrounds Tobin Bell’s character John Kramer, who also goes by the name “Jigsaw”, who survives cancer and traps ungrateful people and makes them fight for their lives.

This movie is an interesting take on learning to appreciate the life we have. This character captures its victims and tests their will to live. These character must them fight fatal games in order to be set free. Michael and Peter Spierig, the sibling directors plan to recreate the film for its eighth premiere.

Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg are conducting the script where the movie will take place when a new spree of murders starts ten years after the original Jigsaw’s death.

Three Time Oscar Winner Daniel Day Lewis Quits Acting! Again!

By: Ali Marashi

Daniel Day-Lewis one of the only actors to win three Oscars for his roles in films, offered that he is going to retire from acting. Although he received five nominations, He won his awards for his roles in “Lincoln”, “There Will Be Blood”, and “My Left Foot”. The four-decade actor, who has one awaiting final film before his retirement “Phantom Thread” on Christmas 2017.

This seems to be the worst Christmas present ever. Although this might be the end of his acting career, as fans we can appreciate his important roles. A statement let out by Daniel Day Lewis’ spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, she states that he “will no longer be working as an actor. He is immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences over the many years. This is a private decision and neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this subject.”

Although, there is no public reason for his retirement I bet his fans will be supportive of Day Lewis’ decision. by Ali Marashi

JAY-Z to Drop Visual Album at End of June

By: Taylor Gates

JAY-Z has had a whirlwind of a week. Between his wife Beyoncé giving birth to twins to spending father’s day bailing out incarcerated dads to changing the stylization of his name to include a hyphen and be in all caps, the 21-time Grammy winner has been keeping busy. And now, four years after ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail,’ JAY-Z has set a date for his next record—‘4:44’ will be released on June 30th exclusively on his streaming service, TIDAL.

The entire album was reportedly produced by No I.D, who was involved in JAY’Z’s hits “Run This Town” and “Holy Grail.” No I.D has also recently worked with Kanye West, Nas, and Common.

Like ‘Lemonade,’ ‘4:44’ will be a visual album featuring A-list talent including Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o, and Danny Glover.

Not much is yet known about the album’s contents besides the fact it will feature a song called “Adnis” about his father.

Are you excited for more JAY-Z music? Let us know in the comments!

Mahershala Ali Talks Oscar Win and Being a Black Man in America

By: Taylor Gates

Mahershala Ali is everywhere. From pivotal roles on Netflix darlings “House of Cards” and “Luke Cage” to critically acclaimed “Moonlight” and “Hidden Figures” to appearing in the last two “Hunger Games” films, Ali is an unstoppable force, making waves and a name for himself.

However, when he sat down with GQ it was clear that—despite having an Oscar and being one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood right now—Ali is a humble, down-to-earth guy. He shared that, while there are certainly perks to becoming well-known, adjusting to fame isn’t always all rainbows and roses.

Ali spoke about being racially profiled since a young age and how those experiences still haunt him today. “From age 10…you start getting these little messages that you are something to be feared,” he said. “When suddenly you go from being followed in Barney’s to being fawned over, it will mess with your head.”

“I absolutely love this country, but like so many people [I] have some real questions and concerns about how things have gone down over the years and where we’re at. And that’s from a place of love,” Ali is quick to clarify. “Because I want the country to be what it says it is on paper.”

Laverne Cox Opens Up About the Prison System, Cisgender Actors Playing Transgender Characters, and the Possibility of Her Own Show

By: Taylor Gates

From constantly serving looks on the red carpet to slaying in her role on “Orange is the New Black” to using her platform to shed light on issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, Laverne Cox is the real deal. In a recent interview with Michelangelo Signorile on SiriusXM Progress, the Emmy nominees opened up about a plethora of issues close to her heart.

Of her “Orange is the New Black” character, Cox highlighted how Sophia Bursett’s fictional story sadly reflects the situation many real-life inmates are in.

“Prisons have existed, really, as this new Jim Crow,” Cox said bluntly. “As a way to enslave black people. And that brutality is working exactly as it’s supposed to.”

“My story is not possible, I think, anywhere else in the world,” she added. “That a black trans woman from Mobile, Alabama, can be living this dream out loud on an international level…it’s pretty remarkable. I love this country. But the truth of this country is that it was built on the backs of slaves.”

Cox also addressed the hot button topic of cisgender men playing transgender women in film and television, stating that she finds it societally problematic.

“As brilliant as Jeffrey Tambor is, as brilliant as Jared Leto is, and all these actors who play trans women, when people who don’t know anything about trans folks and trans women see the very sexy Jared Leto and his beard accepting an Oscar for playing a trans woman, the message that it sends is that trans women are really men,” she explains. “So when men find themselves attracted to trans women they have anxiety about that because of their own internalized homophobia and transphobia and they’ve gotten this message that trans women are really men and then this leads to violence.”

Cox cited Emmy-nominee Jen Richards, who wrote a viral article entitled “Why Straight Men Kill the Trans Women They Love” as helping her reach this conclusion.

But although Cox may not be in favor of cisgender actors playing transgender roles, she is not an absolutist on the issue.

“I would never want to tell another actor that they should or shouldn’t play a part…art is art, and artists should have the freedom to do whatever we want. But there are consequences to that…Jen Richards’ arguments I think are worth considering when we think of casting trans folks.”

Cox believes that, though Hollywood is making strides in terms of telling trans people’s stories, there is still a long way to go. “We’ve only tapped the surface. And that’s why I want to create my own show.”

Though she didn’t offer any details about what her project might entail, she revealed that her own scripted series is a long-term goal she is currently working on.

Fingers crossed we get to see it sooner rather than later!

Kat Graham Weighs in on Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘All Eyez on Me’ Criticism

By: Ali Marashi

This weekend, the Tupac biopic “All Eyez on Me” hit theaters. While there have been a plethora of mixed reactions about the movie, the most buzz-worthy has been surrounding Jada Pinkett Smith’s opinion of the film.

Kat Graham, who plays a young Pinkett Smith in the film, confessed to E! News that when she first got the role she reached out to Pinkett Smith. “The point of reaching out to her, as well as the other producers on the film,” said Graham, “was to insure the integrity of the story and the character.”

She mentioned that Pinkett Smith offered support for her role in the film. However, once the film was released, she tweeted that watching the movie was “deeply hurtful” and mentioned that some of the scenes in the movie were not fully truthful.

Moreover, the movie shows the relationship between Tupac Shakur and Pinkett Smith in their young years growing up together.

Despite her criticism of the film, she made it a point to tweet to Graham and Demetrius Shipp Jr. to appreciate the effort they put into their roles.

Film Review: The Big Sick


By: Jeff Graham

There’s a scene in The Big Sick where Emily – love interest to star Kumail Nanjiani, played by an instantly endearing Zoe Kazan – desperately avoids using her boyfriend’s toilet, for fear of exposing herself as a human being who, you know, sometimes defecates. The scene is initially played for laughs, but shifts to something deeper, something sweeter, encapsulating what makes this movie so special: every single frame is fiercely committed to actualizing life as it really is. Movies like The Big Sick remind you how few films actually tell the truth.

This is surely one of the best movies of the year. Anchored by a lovely and surprising script, all of these performers are at the top of their game, beautifully managed by Michael Showalter’s sensitive, non-intrusive direction.

Let’s talk about Michael Showalter, because he’s on a roll. We’ve known that he’s a gifted comic auteur since Wet Hot American Summer, but ever since 2015’s charming Hello, My Name Is Doris and last year’s criminally underrated Search Party, it’s clear that he’s eagerly embracing tonally complicated work, a sentiment that pays off in spades here. Showalter’s direction delicately explores comedy and pathos, usually within the same scene.

But the true star here is Kumail Nanjiani, who co-wrote the script with his wife, Emily V. Gordon. Their autobiographical script explores their courtship, and it unfolds like a seemingly by-the-numbers romantic comedy. Until it doesn’t. I don’t want to give away the emotionally resonant turns this film takes, but what starts as a light meditation on modern romance develops into a film deeply interested in family loyalty, culture clash, the American immigrant experience, and the often painful truth that embracing adulthood means cleaving your upbringing. It’s so good, and so much better than it could have been.

Nanjiani’s quiet, honest, performance is lovely, but Holly Hunter threatens to steal the movie. She turns in a bracingly funny performance as Beth, Kumail’s girlfriend’s mother, but as she slowly lets her guard down scene-by-scene, she reveals a deeply affecting portrayal of motherhood and wifehood. This is a sneaky tour-de-force of emotional sensitivity, and you’ll remember why she won an Oscar.

Clearly I liked this movie, and I could go on for pages about what makes it the best movie of the year so far, but I’d much prefer you go see it for yourself. It’s good in a way that needs to be seen, not written about, and in a year when nine of the top ten highest earners are sequels or reboots, a movie this refreshingly original feels important. Nanjiani and Gordon have crafted an emotional wallop of a crowd-pleaser: sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always true.


(10 Stars/Out of 10)

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ Unleashed in Explosive First Teaser

By: Briana Phipps

Black Panther is unleashed in the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie.

The trailer for the film debuted during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night, as the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers faced off for possibly the final time in the competition.

The footage gives fans the first look at such big stars as Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia) and Michael B. Jordan, as well as, of course, Chadwick Boseman, who plays the titular Black Panther. It also previews a sprawling Wakanada — and the political turmoils inside of the region.

The film follows Boseman’s T’Challa, who was introduced in “Captain America: Civil War” and returns to Wakanda after the death of his father, the king of the nation. “You are a good man with a good heart, and it’s hard for a good man to be a king,” warns a voiceover.

Black Panther reigned supreme in the first poster for the film, which was also released by Marvel on Friday. The first look at the film featured the titular hero perched on his throne in Wakanda.

Boseman, who debuted the character in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War,” plays T’Challa, the king of a fictional, technologically-advanced African nation, who must take over the throne after his father’s murder. When an old adversary (Michael B. Jordan‘s Killmonger) reappears, T’Challa is forced to rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther in order to protect his kingdom and the fate of mankind.

Danai Gurira (Okoye), Martin Freeman, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaue), and Sterling K. Brown also star in the film. The superhero tentpole is directed by “Fruitvale Station” and “Creed” filmmaker Ryan Coogler.

“Black Panther” hits theaters on Feb. 16, 2018.

Will There be Diversity in Upcoming Marvel Movies?

By: Ali Marashi

Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been known to provide great storylines, and as such many successful blockbuster films have come from this franchise.

There is action and thrill, but the one aspect that has been missing from their movies is diversity. Nate Moore, the executive producer let out a statement in an interview with Complex Magazine that revealed that the biggest concern with trying to introduce new characters is that, “we rush something that’s not ready and we deliver something that’s not up to our standards. So it’s less about us rushing a character that’s diverse to get it out quickly and more about figuring out how to do it right”. One of the focuses is trying to portray characters that reflect who the character is in the comics.

Does this mean that the more diverse characters are soon to come? This is inspiring news that there is a future for diversity in Marvel Characters.

The Universe Of Franchise Universes

By: Jeff Graham

Though critics, industry analysts, and even casual spectators have suspected a stinky opening weekend for The Mummy, the Tom Cruise reboot is expected to succeed wildly in global territories, validating it’s stability as a tentpole franchise for Universal. But what the aforementioned casual spectators may not know, or realize, is that Mummy is the first of a slew of upcoming Universal creature features (at least 10 confirmed), initiating Universal’s answer the Universe-izing of film: The Dark Universe.

Marvel was first studio to validate the box office lucrativeness of the Universe approach to filmmaking. Rather than creating, one-off, independently existing narratives, what if we connected them, integrated them, and allowed them to inform each other, in the way that television has done for decades. DC responded with their own “DC Extended Universe,” and Universal is answer with a series of (interconnected?) classic monster movie reboots.

I for one, am tired of the universalizing of film. What happened to the grab some popcorn, catch a flick, and go home mentality of the past?

Kerry Washington & Eva Longoria Team Up For Workplace Comedy ’24-7′

By: Briana Phipps

Actresses Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria will work both sides of the camera for “24-7,” a workplace comedy acquired by Universal.

The TV stars will star in and co-produce the project through their respective production banners Simpson Street (Washington) and “UnbeliEVAble Entertainment (Longoria). The storyline is being kept under wraps, according to Variety.

The script comes from a pitch by Baltimore-based screenwriter Sarah Rothschild, a writer on “Love, Unscripted” for Awesomeness TV; the Universal comedy “The Gauntlet”; and “The Dog Walker, “which has Alison Eastwoodattached to direct.

Washington’s Simpson Street is also developing feature films based on the books The City of Saints and Thieves with Will Packer and Universal; “The Perfect Mother,” which is set up at TriStar; and “The Mothers” at Warner Bros.

The “Scandal” star is also part of the voice cast of Disney’s upcoming “Cars 3.”

Longoria’s upcoming acting projects include Jamie Foxx’s comedy “All-Star Weekend,” MGM’s “Overboard” remake and the Fox comedy pilot “Type-A.”

Priyanka Chopra to Star in ‘Isn’t it Romantic,’ ‘A Kid Like Jake’

By: Taylor Gates

“Quantico” may be on hiatus, but Priyanka Chopra is keeping busy! In addition to promoting “Baywatch,” the small-screen star has recently joined two other big-screen projects: “A Kid Like Jake” and “Isn’t It Romantic.”

“A Kid Like Jake” will depict two parents in the process of filling out kindergarden applications for Jake, their gender variant four-year-old. After realizing they will be unable to afford private school tuition, Jake’s preschool teacher encourages them to highlight his gender variance in order to help get him a scholarship. The drama will also star Octavia Spencer, Claire Danes, Jim Parsons, and Michaela Watkins.

“Isn’t It Romantic” follows a young woman who gives up on love only to find out she is actually trapped inside a romantic comedy. Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth are also signed on to appear in the film.

Which new Chopra flick are you most looking forward to? Tell us below in the comments!

Gabrielle Union to Produce and Star in Home Invasion Drama ‘Breaking In’

By: Taylor Gates

Gabrielle Union will produce and star in home invasion drama “Breaking In.”

Though few details are known about the project, it will reportedly center around a woman trying to protect her family when their house is under attack.

Ryan Engle, who wrote “Non-Stop,” penned the script while “V for Vendetta” director James McTeigue will direct.

Union tweeted her excitement about the project: <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>On my action hero ish 💪💪💃💃❤ <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) <a href=”″>May 30, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

Union currently stars in and executive produces BET’s “Being Mary Jane,” for which she won an NAACP Image Award. Her other credits include “Thank Like a Man,” “Bring It On,” “Bad Boys II,” “Birth of a Nation,” and “Love & Basketball.” In addition to acting, Union is an active philanthropist, serving as an ambassador for Susan G. Komen and spokesperson for Planned Parenthood.

Union will produce “Breaking In” with Will Packer through Will Packer Productions along with James Lopez and Practical Picture’s Craig Perry and Sheila Taylor. Jaime Primak Sullivan, Valerie Bleth Sharp, and Jeff Morrone will executive produce.

Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig Pull Blue Collar Heist in ‘Logan Lucky’ Trailer

By: Briana Phipps

Channing Tatum is reuniting with “Magic Mike” director Steven Soderbergh for a heist film. But instead of the glitz of “Ocean’s Eleven,” this heist will feature blue collar thieves stealing millions in the heart of North Carolina in Fingerprint Releasing/Bleecker Street’s “Logan Lucky,” which got its first trailer on Sunday.

The trailer, which premiered to coincide with NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600, features Tatum as Jimmy Logan, a laid-off construction worker who believes his family is cursed with bad luck. To reverse their curse, he employs his brother, a one-armed bartender named Clyde (Adam Driver), to pull off a heist during the Coca-Cola 600, which is the longest race on the NASCAR schedule at 600 miles.

But to pull off their scheme, they need help. So they break famed career-thief Joe Bang out of prison. Joe is played by Daniel Craig, who is trading in James Bond’s tux for a prison suit and a thick accent.

The film also stars Seth MacFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, Katherine Waterston, Dwight Yoakam, Sebastian Stan, Brian Gleeson, Jack Quaid and Hilary Swank. It is directed by Soderbergh and written by Rebecca Blunt, with Tatum, Gregory Jacobs, Mark Johnson and Reid Carolin producing.

“Logan Lucky” arrives in theaters Aug. 18.

J.K. Rowling Has Finished Fantastic Beasts 2 Script

By: Kristina May Angeles

J.K. Rowling has confirmed that she has completed the screenplay for Fantastic Beasts 2. The writer teased fans by posting a photo of the finished script on her Twitter early Saturday.

Although it is not set to release until 2018, production is scheduled to begin in France and the UK this coming August. Little is known about details of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel as Rowling remained very vague about any information on the now-finished script, responding to a fan on Twitter, “Yes, I have (finished the script), but I CAN’T TELL YOU ANTYHING YET, WOMAN.”

The writer may remain mysterious regarding any further specifics, but we do know that the sequel will be set and shot in Paris, as confirmed by returning director David Yates. Additionally, some familiar names have been confirmed to star in the film including Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne, Zoë Kravitz, and Ezra Miller, to name a few.

While Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a huge box office success, the first film of the magical Harry Potter prequel series received mixed signals from fans, so the pressure is on. Warner Bros. has stated that the series will include a total of five Fantastic Beasts movies and has set the film to release worldwide on November 16th, 2018.

Keegan-Michael Key to Star in Dramatic Comedy ‘Don’t Think Twice’

By: Briana Phipps

Keegan-Michael Key (formerly of “Key and Peele”) has signed on to star in Mike Birbiglia’s dramatic comedy “Don’t Think Twice,” which focuses on an improv troupe that’s tested when they lose the lease on their home venue and jealousy and backstabbing arise when one person breaks big.

Below is the full summary:

Produced by Mike Birbiglia, along with Cold Iron Pictures’ Miranda Bailey and Amanda Marshall, and executive produced by Ira Glass and The Film Arcade’s J. Beck and Andy Bohn, Don’t Think Twice is a dramatic comedy about an improv group who loses the lease on their home theater at the same time that one of their cast members gets chosen for the biggest sketch comedy show on TV. It’s about the bitterness and backstabbing that occur between friends when they realize that maybe not everyone’s gonna make it after all.

The film co-stars Gillian Jacobs (“Community,” “Love”), Mike Birbiglia (TRAINWRECK), Kate Micucci (“Garfunkel and Oates”), Tami Sagher (writer, “Inside Amy Schumer”) and Chris Gethard (“Broad City”).

“I’m over the moon about filming this project with this cast, this crew and these producers,” said writer, director and co-star Birbiglia. “Miranda Bailey and the team at Cold Iron and Film Arcade are such a creative and thoughtful bunch of folks. This is exactly what I want to be doing, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Keegan earned his first Emmy nod this year for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series. “Key & Peele” is nominated for writing for a variety series and writing for a variety special.

During the Emmy series SAG Foundation Q&A earlier this month, Keegan explained his process of creating characters.

“You have to have your antenna up all the time when you’re a sketch performer and just say, ‘What’s this behavior? What’s that vocal signature? What’s that person doing? Now…why would anybody walk like that?’”

Disney Channel to Celebrate Zendaya with Full-Day Marathon, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sneak Peek

By: Taylor Gates

June 3rd is officially Zendaya day!

Disney Channel will be celebrating the star with an all-day marathon including episodes of “K.C. Undercover” and the movie “Zapped.” It will all lead up to a sneak peek of the highly anticipated “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” in which she plays Michelle.

Her costars include other A-list talent such as Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Martin Starr. Zendaya has been a staple of the network ever since she landed a lead role on dance-centric series “Shake It Up!” alongside Bella Thorne. She also appeared on episodes of “Good Luck Charlie” and “A.N.T. Farm” as well as in the flick “Frenemies.” “This is actually super cute,”

Zendaya gushed on Twitter after hearing the news. “Thanks @DisneyChannel family.”

In addition to her Disney Channel roles, Zendaya recently won runner-up on season 16 of “Dancing with the Stars” and was featured on Chris Brown’s single “Something New” last year.

Gina Prince-Bythewood Becomes First Black Woman to Direct a Superhero Movie

By: Taylor Gates

Gina Prince-Bythewood is making history.

Sony recently announced that the writer-director would be directing “Silver & Black,” a Spider-Man spinoff that would center around characters Silver Sable and Black Cat.

This makes her the first woman of color to direct a big-budget superhero flick. In addition to creating Fox’s critically acclaimed “Shots Fired,” Prince-Bythewood is known for her work writing and directing films such as “Love & Basketball” and “Beyond the Lights.”

She has experience working with superhero material, having directed the pilot for Marvel’s upcoming Freeform series “Cloak & Dagger.” Before calling “action,” Prince-Bythewood will also be rewriting the current “Silver & Black” script, which was originally penned by “Thor: The Dark World” writer Christopher Yost.

Hollywood has been criticized for its lack of women and minorities behind the camera. This announcement is exciting, as it shows a step in the right direction for a more inclusive industry.

The film is expected to hit theaters in October 2018.

Dead Men Tell No Tales Is Busy & Fun

By: Jeff Graham

‘Bootstrap’ Bill Turner’s son Henry finds his barnacle-encrusted dad who now lives at the bottom of the Ocean, so he needs to find a trident, but also a suspected witch named Carina who is an actually an attractive astronomer also needs to find that same trident, so those two partner up with Jack Sparrow who is trying to outrun Captain Barbosa who himself is trying to outrun a dead-ish Javier Bardiem, but those two are (sort of?) on the same team trying to find Jack Sparrow, but mostly everyone is trying to find a trident?

I’m pretty sure that’s what Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is about, and I’m not sure that it really matters.

More than it’s predecessors, Dead Men feels weighed down by the universe it occupies. It hammers its audience with callbacks, old characters, and lore that left me pretty exhausted by the time the credits rolled. And weirdly, despite it’s narrative busyness, the whole thing winds up feeling surprisingly shallow, despite the physical vastness explored by its characters. Ultimately, the film is simultaneously about everything and nothing.

Yes, narrative tactfulness is never a priority for this film, and on some level, the story feels like it was instead developed around incredible set pieces. This isn’t a bad thing. Dead Men is visually arresting, cleverly choreographed, and sometimes, really, really fun. One ingenious sequence involving a wildly revolving guillotine had me giddy with wonderment. These are the “Disney-est” moments of the movie – that’s a compliment – and they imbue the film with some much needed levity.

Levity also comes Johnny Depp’s performance, and he’s as good here as he as ever been. It’s the same Jack Sparrow we’ve always seen, but Jack Sparrow snagged Mr. Depp on Oscar nomination when the franchise premiered in 2003, and that’s no small feat for a popcorn flick. He’s the franchise’s secret sauce, and he’s great here.

But it’s hard to unsee the recent PR surrounding Mr. Depp, which is only amplified by the fact that this movie has a bit of a woman problem. Kaya Scodelario turns in a fine performance as the film’s only lead female character, but her journey feels a bit undercooked. Even more, there are three or four noticeable moments of subtle misogyny, including one sequence where Jack Sparrow is confusingly forced into a wedding ceremony with an apparently unattractive mother of two. It’s played for comedy, with the joke being “Jack Sparrow would rather undergo vicious execution that have to kiss an ugly chick.” The sequence made me a bit squirmy, and I’m not the only one theater who had this reaction.

Fans of the pirates four Pirates will certainly enjoy this one, which gives us more of the same. Overall, I had a good, if forgettable time with Dead Men. How much more uncharted ocean needs exploring remains to be seen. I suspect that the franchise is reaching the bottom of it’s treasure chest.


(6 Stars/Out of 10)

Tom Cruise Confirms ‘Top Gun 2′: ‘It Is Definitely Happening’

By: Briana Phipps

Appearing on the Australian morning chat show “Sunrise” to promote his upcoming movie “The Mummy,” Tom Cruise confirmed that a sequel to the 1986 Tony Scott-directed blockbuster “Top Gun” is “definitely happening.” Furthermore, Paramount will release the film and the project is in active development, TheWrap reported.

Cruise said on his “Sunrise” appearance on Tuesday that this was the first time anyone had confirmed “Top Gun 2” is in development. Cruise also confirmed that production will begin soon. “I’m gonna start filming it probably in the next year,” he told “Sunrise.”

There have been several attempts to bring  a “Top Gun” sequel to life, but interest from key players appeared to increase in recent years. Speculation that the project was on — at last — picked up late last year after Val Kilmer, who played Cruise’s rival Iceman in the original film, said on Facebook that he’d been offered a role in a sequel. And in January, producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a picture of himself with Cruise, saying  “just got back from a weekend in New Orleans to see my old friend and discuss a little Top Gun 2.”

Ice Cube Joins High-Tech Crime Thriller ‘The Day I Disappear’

By: Taylor Gates

Some cool news for Ice Cube fans—the artist will be starring in Universal’s crime thriller “The Day I Disappear.”

Captivate Entertainment, which produced other action favorites like “Jason Bourne,” will produce the film. The screenplay, which was written by Josh Zetumer of “Patriots Day” fame, depicts a highly secretive, highly technological witness protection program that makes clients disappear by offering them seamless exits into new lives.

Ice Cube is known for starring in hits such as “Friday,” “Boyz n the Hood,” “Ride Along,” and “21 Jump Street.” He most recently appeared in “Barbershop: The Next Cut” and “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” as well as produced highly acclaimed “Straight Outta Compton.”

Ice Cube is set to be a large part of “Ride Along 3” with Kevin Hart as well. Captivate Entertainment is also currently developing “The Janson Directive” based off of Robert Ludlum’s bestselling novels. Dwayne Johnson, who most recently appeared in “Baywatch,” will star.

Sir Roger Moore Passes Away at 89

By: Jeff Graham

There have been 6 Eon-Produced Bond portrayals over the last five decades: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. Up until yesterday, all of these actors were alive and well.

Sadly, the world said goodbye to Roger Moore today, who passed after a quick bout with cancer.

His children offered the following statement following the passing: “With the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated. Thank you Pops for being you, and being so very special to so many people.”

“Being eternally known as Bond has no downside,” Moore said. “People often call me ‘Mr. Bond’ when we’re out, and I don’t mind a bit. Why would I?”

Sir Roger was a well known humanitarian – the late Audrey Hepburn introduced him to Unicef, and he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in 1991.

Willem Dafoe to Play Van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s ‘At Eternity’s Gate’

By: Briana Phipps

Willem Dafoe is set to play Vincent van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s “At Eternity’s Gate,” for which Rocket Science is handling international sales and CAA is representing U.S rights.

Based on a screenplay by Schnabel and Jean-Claude Carriere, the story focuses on the time in Van Gogh’s life that he spent in Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise, France. Jon Kilik (“The Hunger Games” franchise, “Babel”) will produce the film, which will be shot on location in France.

“This is a film about painting and a painter, and their relationship to infinity. It is told by a painter. It contains what I felt were essential moments in his life, this is not the official history — it’s my version. One that I hope could make you closer to him,” Schnabel said.

Kilik said: “After more than 20 years of working together, I am excited to continue my collaboration with Julian. This one is going to be special.”

“ ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ is a film about creativity and the sacrifices Vincent made to produce the spectacular masterpieces that are instantly recognizable around the world today,” according to a statement.

Schnabel directed “Before Night Falls,” which became Javier Bardem’s breakthrough Academy Award-nominated role, and “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” which was nominated for four Oscars, won a Golden Globe, and for which he was named best director at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Schnabel is represented by CAA and Dafoe by CAA, the Artists Partnership and Circle of Confusion.

Sam Rockwell Joins Taraji P. Henson in Indie Drama ‘The Best of Enemies’

By: Taylor Gates

Sam Rockwell has joined Astute Films’ historical drama “The Best of Enemies” where he will play Ku Klux Klan member Claiborne Paul Ellis. The film will depict a real-life civil rights case in 1960s North Carolina. Rockwell joins a cast which includes Taraji P. Henson.

The “Empire” actress will star opposite of Rockwell as Ann Atwater, an outspoken black activist. The movie will explore what happens when these two vastly different people are forced to find common ground after they are put on a committee together that oversees the desegregation of schools. Henson was last seen in Oscar-nominated “Hidden Figures.”

Rockwell recently appeared in “Poltergeist” and voiced a character on Netflix’s “F is for Family.”

The movie’s script was penned by Robin Bissell, who previously served as an executive producer for flicks such as “The Hunger Games,” “The Tale of Desperaux,” and “Seabiscuit.” Bissell will also be making his directorial debut with this film.

Production on “The Best of Enemies” is set to start in Atlanta on May 22nd.

Hackers Threaten Disney With Film Releases Unless Demands are Met

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.46.20 AM

By: Lanisha Fisher

Disney has finally met its match. Who would dare try to challenge one of the hugest companies of America? CEO Bob Iger has made a announcement to his corporation that the company was being threatened by hackers.

According to the Variety, hackers are asking for a large bitcoin payment to keep the companies upcoming films under wraps. They have threatened to release the entire titles in five minute snippets, and may follow up on that threat. Iger vowed Monday that Disney was not going to pay a cent. Apparently the project that is being threatened to be released is a huge project, according to The Hollywood Reporter there are plenty of options of what could be released.

Disney’s upcoming theatrical release slate include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which opens this Friday, and Cars 3 (June 16).

The Hacker’s threats came after their last victim Orange is New Black on Netflix. They uploaded and released 10 episodes after Neflix refused to pay the hackers and meet their demand.

Who are theses Hackers? Will Disney give in and meet their demands? The decision lies in Bob Iger’s hands.

Beyonce Leads BET Awards Nominations

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.23.27 AM

By: Taylor Gates

Queen Bey reigns supreme once again. Beyonce has racked up a total of seven nominations for the 2017 BET awards—the most of any artist this year—including Album of the Year for “Lemonade” and Video of the Year for “Sorry.”

She will go head-to-head with Kehlani, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, and her sister Solange for the honor of being crowned Best Female R&B/Pop Artist. Bruno Mars leads for number of nominations in the male categories, accumulating five. Mars will compete against Chris Brown, The Weeknd, Try Songz, and Usher for Best Male R&B/Pop Artist. Other nominees in the music categories include relative newcomers Chance the Rapper, Cardi B, and Migos. On the film side of things, the nominees for Best Actress consist of Gabrielle Union, Issa Rae, Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson, and Viola Davis. Bryshere Y. Gray, Denzel Washington, Donald Glover, Mahershala Ali, and Omari Hardwick are all in the running for Best Actor.

A wide range of flicks are nominated for Best Movie, including horror hit “Get Out,” Oscar-winner “Moonlight,” female-driven “Hidden Figures,” 1950s drama “Fences,” and period film “The Birth of a Nation.”

You can catch the BET Awards on June 25 at 8/7c.

Janelle Monae Makes Inspiring Commencement Speech at Dillard University

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.54.06 PM

By: Taylor Gates

Singer, actress, and now honorary degree recipient—Janelle Monae has had a huge past few years. From starring in Oscar-nominated and winning films “Moonlight” and “Hidden Figures” to performing on the “Bad Moms” soundtrack to delivering Dillard University’s commencement address, it is clear Monae is making her mark on Hollywood and inspiring many young people in the process.

“Choose freedom over fear,” Monae urged graduates of the HBCU this past Saturday. “I celebrate you as you remember the power of grace and pride.” Throughout the speech, she recounted her days of working as a maid and recalled her blue-collar roots, expressing the pride she felt while watching her parents’ hard work and determination growing up. She also cited the strength and perseverance of Mary Jackson, the real woman she played in “Hidden Figures.” “She stood before that white judge with so much courage and determination to challenge the system,” Monae said. “She saw freedom and she went for it. She grabbed it by the neck and she just wouldn’t let up.”

It was the singer and actress’s first time making a commencement speech, and Monae was thrilled and humbled at the honor. “I never thought that I would see the day,” she said.

Going Inside the Mind of a Casting Session Director with Randall Sims


By: Dakota T. Jones

On Friday, May 12th, Randall Sims guested on the Popcorn Talk Network’s “Millennial Hollywood with Dakota T. Jones”. Sims is an actor as well as a casting session director. Session directors are responsible for getting the most out of the actors during auditions. They call them in & give them direction/insight into what the director is looking for & how to make the most out of their audition.

During the interview, Jones talks about how actors are usually self-conscious & worry about what casting will think about them. Being an actor himself, Sims says, “When I walk into the room, I don’t care what they think because ultimately my value is not based upon what some guy behind a laptop thanks as I come in to audition.” Couldn’t agree more. Many think the reason Sims is such a successful session director is due to him knowing the struggles of being an actor himself. He says, “I speak your language & want to see you succeed…It’s about being interesting. It’s about being authentic. So when you come into the room whether you have one audition under your belt or you have one thousand auditions under your belt, you have to do it like it’s your first time. Be present.”

To watch this insightful interview, the link is provided below. Also make sure you subscribe to the Popcorn Talk Network to catch a new episode of “Millennial Hollywood with Dakota T. Jones” every Friday.

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Full Episode:

‘Logan’ Star Dafne Keen Lands Next Major Role

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 24: Actress Dafne Keen attends the "Logan" New York screening at Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center on February 24, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

By: Oliver Drennan

After starring opposite of Hugh Jackman in Logan as Laura aka “X-23”, Dafne Keen’s performance was praised heavily by critics and fans alike. The young scene-stealing starlet has just been cast in her next big film! Keen is scheduled to play the title role in Ana, starring opposite of Luis Guzman who will be starring as Rafa. The film follows the pairing of Ana and Rafa as they form a peculiar relationship after a chance encounter.

Not much else is known about the plot other than the purpose of the pairing will set out on a journey in hopes of saving Rafa from bankruptcy. Ana is written by Cris Cole and will be directed by Charles McDougall who is best known for his work on House of Cards and The Good Wife. Shooting is scheduled to start in Puerto Rico next month.

The future is certainly looking bright for little Miss Dafne Keen! Are you excited to see Dafne Keen steal the show once again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Dave Chappelle Joins Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga in ‘A Star Is Born’ Remake

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.44.13 PM

By: Briana Phipps

Dave Chappelle will be joining Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the “A Star Is Born” remake.

Cooper is also making his directorial debut with the film.

Cooper plays Jackson Maine, a country music star who is on the brink of decline when he discovers an unknown talent named Ally, played by Lady Gaga. The two begin a passionate love affair as Ally catapults to stardom.

Lady Gaga will also compose and perform original songs in the film. The main cast also includes Andrew Dice Clay and Sam Elliott.

“A Star Is Born” is being produced by Bill Gerber, Jon Peters, Todd Phillips, Lynette Howell Taylor and Cooper, while Basil Iwanyk and Ravi Mehta are serving as executive producers. Cooper, Will Fetters and Eric Roth wrote the screenplay, based on the 1937 classic story by William A. Wellman and Robert Carson.

The film has been remade twice before, in 1954 with Judy Garland and James Mason, and again in 1976 with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

“A Star Is Born” will be released on Sept. 28, 2019.

Chappelle’s most recently starred in Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq.” He also hosted “Saturday Night Live” in November and has three stand-up comedy specials coming up on Netflix. He is represented by Gersh.


Zoe Saldana Shares Timelapse Video of Gamora Makeup Transformation

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 4.42.43 PM

By: Oliver Drennan

Ever wonder what it’s like to transform into one of the Guardians of the Galaxy? Well thanks to Twitter, you’re in luck!

Zoe Saldana who portrays Gamora in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy recently tweeted a timelapse video of her transformation into the heroine. In the 38 second clip, Saldana sits while multiple makeup artists are seen painting her for over a span of three hours.

In Saldana’s upcoming portrayal of Gamora, we’ll be seeing her take on a more emotional role as she’ll be dealing with sibling rivalry with her sister Nebula (Karen Gillan), as well as a romantic conflict with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), better known as Star-Lord.

Make sure you go see Gamora and the rest of our cosmic heroes kick some butt when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5, 2017.

Are you excited for the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Check out Zoe Saldana’s epic transformation and let us know who your favorite Guardian is in the comments below!

Jeff Goldblum Returns for ‘Jurassic World’ Sequel

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.32.26 PM

By: Briana Phipps

The next chapter of Universal’s “Jurassic World” will include one of the franchise’s original cast members, Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum co-starred in 1993’s “Jurassic Park” and also 1997’s “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” as fan favorite, Dr. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician who was first picked to be part of a VIP tour on a mysterious island theme park that had been inhabited by dinosaurs, thanks to the use of some prehistoric DNA. It is still unclear if he will be reprising his original role in some way.

J. A. Bayona (“The Impossible,” “A Monster Calls”) is directing the next “Jurassic” installment, which will see Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprise their leading roles in the mega-franchise. Steven Spielberg is executive producing along with Colin Trevorrow — who directed the 2015 reboot.

It is scheduled to open in theaters on June 22, 2018.

“Jurassic World” became the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time, earning $1.67 billion worldwide. The entire series, comprised of four films so far, has grossed a total of $3.6 billion worldwide.

The forthcoming sequel was written by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

Vice President of Production Sara Scott has been tapped to oversee the production for Universal.

Goldblum will soon appear in Disney-Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” in theaters Nov. 3.

Madonna Biopic ‘Blonde Ambition’ in the Works at Universal

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 12.26.06 AM

By: Briana Phipps

For decades Modonna has entertained the masses and now we get to take a even closer look.

Universal is developing Madonna biopic “Blonde Ambition,” picking up rights to Elyse Hollander’s “Blonde Ambition” screenplay about Madonna’s first album.

“Blonde Ambition” led the 2016 version of the Black List — an annual ranking of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. Hollander’s script received 49 votes among the 250 executives voting. The project details Madonna’s efforts in the early 1980s in New York City to get her first album released while navigating fame, romance, and the dismissive attitude of the music industry at the time.

“Blonde Ambition” is set up with Brett Ratner’s Ratpac and Michael De Luca. John Zaozirny of Bellevue Productions will also produce.

Madonna broke out in 1983 on her first album, “Madonna,” followed by 1984’s blockbuster “Like a Virgin.”

It’s the first script sale for Hollander, who has worked as an assistant to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.

De Luca produces the “Fifty Shades” franchise for Universal and was nominated for three consecutive Academy Awards for best picture for “Moneyball,” “Social Network,” and “Captain Phillips.” Ratner’s RatPac announced last week that Len Blavatnik’s Access Entertainment had bought out James Packer’s stake in the company.

Erik Baiers and Chloe Yellin will oversee production for Universal. Lucy Kitada will oversee for De Luca Productions and John Cheng will oversee for Ratpac.

‘Deadpool 2’ Sets Summer 2018 Release Date

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 5.01.47 PM

By: Briana Phipps

20th Century Fox has moved its prized Marvel franchise “Deadpool” into the summer spotlight.

On Saturday, the studio officially set the film for a June 1, 2018 release. The Ryan Reynolds series has become top priority — and a top earner — as Stacey Snider’s era as studio head begins.

The first “Deadpool” made over $780 million worldwide, and put Reynolds back on the map as a formidable comedic and action star.

Last week, it was announced that Josh Brolin would play the coveted role of Cable, which came with a four-picture deal. The role had been hotly sought after following the original’s  explosive success.  Zazie Beetz (“Atlanta”) also joins the sequel in the coveted role of Domino.

“John Wick” co-director David Leitch will direct “Deadpool 2,” which is due to begin filming this summer.

Most of the cast of the first “Deadpool” is expected to return, with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick confirming Colossus (Stefan Kapcic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) would reappear. Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Weasel (T.J. Miller), and “Blind” Al (Leslie Uggams) are expected to return as well.

‘Avatar’ Sequel Release Dates Set, Starting in December, 2020

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 4.44.49 PM

By: Briana Phipps

James Cameron and Fox have set the release dates for the next four “Avatar” sequels, starting on Dec. 18, 2020, for “Avatar 2.”

“Avatar 3” will open  Dec. 17, 2021, followed by a three- year break for “Avatar 4, set for Dec.20, 2024. “Avatar 5” will then open on Dec. 19, 2025.

The news was announced on the movie’s official Facebook page on Saturday morning, along with a picture of Cameron and crew.

“Great to be working with the best team in the business! Avatar takes flight as we begin concurrent production on four sequels,” Cameron said in the post.

Cameron had announced a year ago at CinemaCon that he would make four “Avatar” sequels, promising that the films would start hitting theaters in 2018. The creator of the original “Avatar,” the 2009 fantasy epic that remains the all-time worldwide box office champion with $2.8 billion, said at the time that  his vision for the story had expanded significantly.

Cameron said last year that he had first envisioned two sequels but after meeting with the screenwriters, artists and designers, he realized that he had too much material for just two films. He initially decided on three sequels, then jumped to four.

“We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic project, making four epic films, each of which stands alone but together forms a complete saga,” Cameron told theatrical exhibitors at CinemaCon.

That announcement came immediately after the director told theater owners he opposed the proposal by Sean Parker’s upstart Screening Room, to bring movies into customers’ homes at the same time they debut in theaters. “Trust me, these are films that were designed to be seen in theaters and on the big screen first,” he added.

At the time, Cameron said “Avatar 2” would be released around Christmas 2018, followed by the next three films in 2020, 2022 and 2023. But Fox never officially dated the films and Cameron admitted a month ago that the 2018 date was no longer feasible.

Cameron and Jon Landau are producing through their Lightstorm company. Returning cast includes Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang all returning. The script was written by Cameron with Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver, and Shane Salerno.

“What people have to understand is that this is a cadence of releases,” Cameron said last month. “So, we’re not making ‘Avatar 2,’ we’re making ‘Avatar 2,’ ‘3,’ ‘4,’ and ‘5.’ It’s an epic undertaking. It’s not unlike building the Three Gorges dam.”

The filmmaker said at the time that the four movies would be all-consuming for him through 2025.

“So I know where I’m going to be for the next eight years of my life,” he added. “It’s not an unreasonable time frame if you think about it. It took us four-and-a-half years to make one movie and now we’re making four. We’re full tilt boogie right now. This is my day job and pretty soon we’ll be 24/7. We’re pretty well designed on all our creatures and sets. It’s pretty exciting stuff. I wish I could share with the world. But we have to preserve a certain amount of showmanship and we’re going to draw that curtain when the time is right.”

Mike Colter Joins Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Extinction’

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 5.02.20 PM

By: Briana Phipps

Mike Colter, who most can recognize from when he starred in the hit Netflix and Marvel series “Luke Cage,” will be taking a shot at the big screen. He is set to star opposite Michael Pena and Lizzy Capian in Universal’s new sci-fi thriller “Extinction.”

The film will follow a man (Pena) who is trying to save his family from a alien invasion. As of right now there is no information on which part Colter will play.

Ben Young will be directing the film. Young’s debut feature, “Hounds of Love,” premiered at last year’s Venice Days and took home the best actress prize for Ashleigh Cummings. The script will be written by Eric Heisser (“Arrival”), and will be cowritten by Spencer Cohen and Bradley Caleb Kane.

The film is set to premiere on January 26th, 2018.

Colter can next be seen in Universal’s “Girls Trip” and will be reprising his role of Luke Cage in the Netflix and Marvel series, “The Defenders.”