The Viral Moment That Turned A Dream Into Reality For Actor Dean Wil

Written by: Neema Skye – February 28th 2020, 1:33am pst

An on the spot idea that hit four million views on facebook propelled actor/content creator Dean Wil into viral fame and the ticket to pursue his dream of acting in Hollywood.

From the heart of Houston, Texas, Wil began creating content with his friends to start his journey as an actor. Although he did not feel that he had the training he needed to prepare him for an acting career in Hollywood, Dean allowed his imagination to create the roles and characters he envisioned himself playing.

“ On the spot, we came up with it” Wil explains.

Photo Credit: Dean Wil Instagram

With no real intention to go viral, a surge hit a video Wil created with friends and he instantly gained millions of fans. Only months after this video went viral, Wil landed an opportunityl to pursue his dream to be an actor in Los Angeles.

Seen in the recent drama series  All American, Wil has had several small roles in films and television shows, and will star in a coming TV series on the life of legendary Houston hip-hop innovator DJ Screw.

Photo Credit: All Screwed Up Instagram

As Wil continues to create multi-viral content with friends, he can share some gems of wisdom that have been crucial to maintaining his viral success.

“ Don’t try to go viral” Wil insists.

He explains that being genuine , knowing exactly what you want to create, and being consistent with the content will help anyone go viral. It’s not just the content, but it is understanding the strategy of timing that will increase engagement in minutes.

“ Place towards what’s relative” Wil advises.

When social media blasts different challenges and trending pop culture events the world will be glued to your content. This one thing alone could be the major force behind one going from one thousand views to a million.

No matter there are times when content may not trend as previous viral content, but Will expresses the importance of staying the course.

“ Believe and don’t quit” Wil states

Photo Credit: Dean Wil Instagram

Photo Credit: Dean Wil Instagram

You never know when that one viral moment will happen, but no matter what just keep going and something will take off.

We can only expect to see more greatness from #deansdirection

You can follow this raising actor and creator @deanwil

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