Influencer Ayona the Artist hits 100K subscribers on YouTube within one year

Written by: Neema Skye – February 28th 2020, 5:49am pst

Ayona Clemons better known as Ayona the Artist gained four million views on her appearance of All Deaf Digital show Is It True. Starting with only one thousand subscribers, Ayona used the opportunity of this guest appearance to create content that would make viewers loyal fans.

Photo Credit: YouTube: All Def Digital

Ayona worked with some of Instagram’s most popular influencers to help her begin her journey as a content creator.

In May 2019, Ayona hit a groundbreaking one million views on her content after posting a video about Uber Drama, a video that exposed the crazy things Uber drivers do while driving. Although prior to this sketch she was posting varied content, this particular video got ratings that would eventually lead to her one hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Ayona the Artist Instagram

The major strategy behind Ayona’s one million view success was being authentic and consistent.

“…and so the goal was just to own it,” she explains, “and be consistent with whatever idea I came up with”.

Even though she had major engagement on YouTube, Ayona says that it took time to build her other media platforms.

“ some didn’t do as well as others but the idea of putting my creativity into something that was authentic was the most important thing for me last year”.

Photo Credit: Ayona the Artist Instagram

We can definitely expect to see more great content from Ayona

You can find Ayona and her content on all social media platforms @ayonatheartist.

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