How Juhahn Jones Turned His Instagram Fame Into A YouTube fan base

Written by: Neema Skye – March 3rd 2020, 12:10 am pst

When it comes to going viral and building millions of followers, actor/influencer Juhahn Jones has the blueprint.

Creating a spoof of the Hollywood cast of Love And Hip Hop back in 2014, opened the door for millions to see that Jones would be a buzzing star. His video went viral and made over two million views across all social media platforms.

From this moment, Jones has created thousands of content that has captured the attention and respect of celebrities such as Robert Townsend and Kevin Hart.  Jones shared the moment when he received a chance to direct comedian Kevin Hart for a project he created.  He expressed that the experience was so “humbling it feels surreal”.

credit: Juhahn Jones/YouTube

Although people go to school and spend thousands of dollars to learn how to direct film, Jones has tapped into a true talent that has allowed him to create a world of content on his phone. Back in a time when Instagram only allowed fifteen seconds for videos to run, he captured over one hundred thousand viewers instantly.

With the talent and drive to bring his ideas to life, Jones supports the idea that social media gave him the platform he needed to create his characters.

Credit: Juhahn Jones/Instagram

“ Vine and Instagram was an avenue for me to build” states Jones

Recently, Jones was given the opportunity to create a digital series with BET called #spoofdeez which features a collection of spoofs on some of the most popular movies we have seen in theaters.

Outside of all the content Jones has created, he stands firm on the belief that building followers is an important part of creating a fan base and keeping people connected to your brand.

“It’s a newer way to connect to the newer generation” Jones states.

Photo Credit: Juhahn Jones/Innovative Artist

Jones believes that because he has been consistent with building his content and followers he is able to create work that will be respected on all levels and at all ages.

It’s surely only a matter of time before we will see Jones on the big screen, too.

You can follow Jones and all this content @juhahnjones

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