From The Paynes to Ruthless, Stephanie Charles sticks by Mr. Perry!

Written by: Danny Royce – March 11th 2020, 6:07am pst

Stephanie Charles recently joined Danny Royce Inside the Black Actors Studio to talk about Tyler Perry’s new series Ruthless, The Paynes and the future of Black women in Hollywood.

credit: Tyler Perry Studios

Curtis and Ella Payne have decided to take the next step in their lives – retirement. When there is a death in the family, the Paynes travel to Florida to attend the funeral of Curtis’ uncle Robert. As the family is thrown into new situations, Ella finds a new business, new home and new purpose. The Paynes will be returning for it’s third season. This time without Charles’ character Nyla Payne.

When asked what Charles’ favorite moment on set was, she stated, “The cast was very giving. They’re very open, you know. I like to rehearse and they were all about rehearsing. I like learning from other actors. That was my favorite part, the rehearsing process.” She added, “Once we were toward the end, Tyler would have some bomb music and say ‘we’re almost at the end y’all’ to lighten it up.”

credit: Tyler Perry productions/BET

Charles discussed her character on the new series Ruthless. Ruthless is an upcoming American soap opera created, executive produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry. It is a spin-off of BET’s The Oval. Ruth kidnaps her daughter to join a cult.

Charles expressed, “I thought The Paynes was challenging. Shooting Ruthless was even more challenging.” When asked what we can expect from her character Charles said “She’s complicated, she’s vulnerable yet strong, and she’ll fight for her family. I love her fighter aspect. I love strong female characters.”

Be sure to catch Charles on the all new series Ruthless, premiering March 19th only on BET Plus.

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