Adriyan Rae of FX’s Atlanta, Fox’s Star, BET’s American Soul & SYFY’s Vagrant Queen Talks Donald Glover, Diversity in Science Fiction TV

Written by: Danny Royce – April 17th, 2020 9:36pm pst


Rae recently joined Danny Royce Inside the Black Actors Studio. They discussed FX’s Atlanta, BET’s American Soul, her new lead role in SYFY’s Vagrant Queen, and so much more!

Rae is racking up her credits on some of the biggest shows on television from Fox’s Star to FX’s Atlanta. One of the most collaborative and creative sets she has graced was Atlanta.

When Royce asked Rae what her favorite memory on the set of Atlanta was, she replied, “I love them. I love the cast and crew. I was in the makeup trailer and Donald walked in with this really dope sweater on. I said bruh don’t put tha sweater down it’ll come up missing. He was like oh you want this sweater? Here you can have it if you want. I was like really!! I didn’t take it though.”

Rae is one of the only Black female leads in a Sci-Fi series. Vagrant Queen premiered March 27th. Based on a comic book series, the show is about a former child queen Elida (played by Rae), her old frenemy Isaac and optimistic mechanic Amae escape Lazaro’s army in an adventure across a dangerous galaxy as they attempt to take her nemesis down.

Rae went on to speak about her character and how she nailed the role. “It’s about a young Queen who has been exiled and recently finds out her mother is still alive. So she goes on this journey to find her. I was off book after I read it one time. I really resonated with her. I wanted to make sure I showed the different aspects that I really enjoyed about the character, but also things I felt they’d want to see. I made sure I included that she was active, agile, and athletic. I included her snarkiness, comedy and honestly I just had fun.” Rae performed 98% of her own stunts in the series.

Rae went on to say, “In the Sci-Fi genre It’s not common to have a Black lead, it’s not common to have LGBTQ relationships and characters in there. It’s honestly a show that’s made in the Sci-Fi realm for people who don’t normally watch Sci-Fi.  We want to get the eyes of people who don’t watch Sci-Fi.”

Be sure to tune in to Vagrant Queen on SYFY, Thursdays at 11PM PST.

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