Alice Foy discusses how freelancing led her to start her own event production company, Jane Ella Productions, whose main goal is to help Black women thrive.

Written by: Alexandria Jordan – July 8th, 2020 10:35 pm pst

Credit: Alice Foy

Credit: Alice Foy

In a recent interview on BHL’s Conversations, Alice Foy discusses how freelancing as an event producer led her to start her own event production company, Jane Ella Productions. With Foy’s main goal to help Black women thrive, she also details how she is accomplishing this goal through Digital Jane and podcast The World is Her Office

Credit: Alice Foy

With a strong desire to help other women host events for their brands, Foy created Jane Ella Productions. Through her production company, women have access to quality and affordable events. Foy expressed, “You may only have $1,000 but I can make $1,000 go a long way in a live experience”. Some of the experiences include brand/product launches, media brunches, and social mixers. When asked about her favorite event, Foy says it was Stacy Ike Media Brunch. She says Ike was a client that “wasn’t afraid to use her voice and tap into resources and build relationships”. 

From working on social justice projects, such as EmbRACE LA, which was an answer to the 2018 call to action by Obama to have intimate conversations about how race affects communities, to Nike’s celebratory women’s only brunch in honor of Lebron’s 16 shoe – HFR x Lebron 1, Foy’s role is constantly changing. She expressed, “I love production because no two projects are ever the same. Every day is literally different. I love being able to stand back and see people enjoying moments that I know I was a part of.” 

Credit: Alice Foy

Adamant about creating spaces for women to reach their full potential and be successful, Foy continues to share her knowledge through her podcast, The World Is Her Office, featuring women all around the world who work remotely while traveling. Foy hopes to inspire women by detailing her non-traditional journey as an entrepreneur and freelancer. Foy says, “There is nothing more powerful than giving a woman the opportunity to work and create from wherever she wants to be. I love the opportunity to be flexible in how I approach my work and it also makes me creative to just be able to switch things up”. 

Credit: Alice Foy

After dropping so many gems of knowledge in The World Is Her Office podcast, Foy decided to launch Digital Jane, which is an agency that helps women-owned businesses build their brands. “I wanted to be able to provide women the opportunity to make money from home using skills they already have,” Foy adds, “We help people with project management, brand support, social media marketing, organizing their Google drive and emails, and creating an on-boarding process for their clients and team members.” 

Credit: Alice Foy

With most of Foy’s events being live, she says that she had to adjust her operations to accommodate this unprecedented time in the world due to COVID-19. For other entrepreneurs that have been affected by COVID-19, she says, “give yourself some grace, ask for help, and then plan for your pivot. If what you are doing now can’t exist in this space where we are stepping into digital, then how can you repurpose your skills to step into the next part of your career”. 

For women that are looking to get into entrepreneurship but have difficulties narrowing it down, Foy suggests, “Start with your strongest skill set- what is it that you do the best? What is going to make you most profitable? Now once you’ve gotten comfortable in that, then launch the next thing. You can also decide if you just want to be a side hustler”. 

In conclusion, Foy encourages women to “Do it all! Don’t let people make you feel like you just have to do one thing or stick to one thing. Just do it in a way that it doesn’t confuse your audience and overwhelm you – you don’t want to burn out.” 

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