Tabitha Brown brought her southern charm to Black Hollywood Live’s The Fit Club with Shaka Smith and Tanjareen Thomas. She discussed the positive impact veganism had on her health, the dietary option for more African Americans, TikTok fame and inspiring others to make unlikely choices.

Written by: Shaka Smith – May 27th, 2020 3:45pm pst

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Black Hollywood Live’s Fit Club: Tabitha Brown 

Hosts: Shaka Smith & Tanjareen Thomas 

The distinctive charm that has earned North Carolina native Tabitha Brown over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 3 million followers in her third month on TikTok was on full display. Brown recounted how her road to viral stardom began with a 30 day vegan challenge, prompted by the suggestion of her daughter Choyce to watch the documentary What The Health. After watching, Brown asked her husband Chance, a frequent collaborator in her videos, to join her. Upon completion of the challenge, Brown found her persistent headaches and chronic fatigue went away and her overall well being was improved and she decided to continue. 

It was her faith, however, that aligned her new lifestyle with sharing videos with the world. Brown, described having a coming to Jesus moment, praying to God, “if you heal me, you can have me.” Two weeks later, Brown had a dream that prompted another prayer and the answer came “to make videos.” Though at the time not knowing why or what subject she would speak on, Brown said she knew she had to be obedient and create. After a few joke routines, Brown, a former standup comic, stopped into Whole Foods and had a sandwich that would change all of our collective lives. The video of Brown reviewing her Whole Foods TTLA sandwich quickly went viral and earned Brown a spot as a brand ambassador for Whole Foods touring the country. 

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On her history with food, Brown described she had previously been vegetarian between the ages of 15-20 on advice of a doctor to help control menstrual cramps by giving up red meat. She decided to give up all meat at the time and reintroduced meat at the age of 20, though she still stayed away from red meat. Brown recounted seeing messages about veganism along the way, but with a lack of black faces, it didn’t resonate as a practical choice, until What The Health helped place her focus squarely on her wellbeing. 

Brown, who learned how to cook in adulthood, quickly made the shift to vegan cooking, determined to make the vegan fare taste just as good, if not better than what she enjoyed as a non vegan. Brown however, described food as family and culture that we celebrate, but any successful shift is less about the food but about knowing your why. For Brown, it was her health and she hasn’t looked back since.    

However, the bubbly chef was a little more reserved when it came to new platform, TikTok. After some advice from a Whole Foods colleague and again, some prodding from her daughter, Choyce, another frequent collaborator, Brown hopped onto the platform, known then more for choreographed dances and pranks than for vegan cooking. In just over 2 months, Brown’s 60 second recipes have amassed over 3 million followers on TikTok becoming the warm motherly voice many are yearning for in a sea of content painfully lacking such comfort. 

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On inspiring others, Brown says you have to “search within yourself, find your voice, be telling the truth in whatever it is you’re doing – live authentically you”. She noted it was allowing herself this freedom, when things really began to change for her. She stressed the importance of knowing what you want and going after it in your own way. 

While Brown can be seen everywhere from making vegan kabobs with Vogue, tomato sandwiches with Keke Palmer, or sharing her love story with OWN,   Brown revealed she is currently in development for her own show following her dream of being America’s mom. In the meantime, if fans want to stay up to date and catch more of Brown, they can follow on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, @iamtabithabrown, where she appears formally on Very Good Mondays with her daughter Choyce and with her husband on Fridays with Tab and Chance. For the full Fit Club episode and for more great content on health and staying fit, be sure to check out Black Hollywood Live’s Fit Club.

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