B. Simone’s Flirty 30, Lakeith Stanfield Covid-19 hairless, Shea Moisture Granting Millions, Issa Rae Teen Vogue Cover Girl and Taraji P. Henson Side Hustle

Written by: Tyler Simone – April 13th, 2020 9:52pm pst


Simone celebrates her Flirty 30 and Lakeith Stanfield has a shiny new look. All of that and more on this weeks’ Black Instagram Top 5 Beauty Edition!

Photo Credit: Shea Moisture Instaagram

Shea Moisture takes the #5 spot this week with over 16,000 likes on this Instagram post, announcing that applications are now open for an amazing opportunity. One black owned business will be granted  a $1 million grant to support their business. The goal behind the  $1 million fund is to show the power of small black-owned businesses in the black community and to minimize the financial disruptions that many small businesses are experiencing from the current global crisis.​ This is one of the largest corporate announcements of funds going towards supporting business owners of color. Visit sheamoisturefund.com to learn more and apply! Applications are now open!

Lakeith Stanfield Instagram

This week, Lakeith Stanfield has made it onto our list for the very first time after going completely bald! He takes the #4 spot on this weeks’ beauty list after revealing his new shiny look to all of his followers. So, ‘what led him to do this?,’ you may ask? Well, he says that he was thinking he could still look alright during this pandemic by giving himself a line up. But then he thought, ‘why line myself up if I can just cut it all off.’ This video has since been viewed more than 50,000 times. 

This week, the #3 spot on the Black Instagram beauty list goes to Issa Rae! She is Teen Vogue’s cover girl this month. She posted a sneak peek to instagram, gathering more than 190,000 likes. The post included a short video of Issa posing for the camera outside in the grass, next to the trees. This magazine issue features an interview in which Issa discusses the long wait for Insecure season 4 and her career evolution. The new season returns April 12th on HBO.

This week, the #2 spot goes to B. Simone! There are over 500,000 views on this instagram video she posted promoting her new makeup collection, “Flirty 30”. The collection went on sale April 5th, the day of her birthday, and includes 6 lip colors and 5 glosses. You can purchase all of that and more on bsimonebeauty.com.

Taraji P. Henson takes our #1 spot on the beauty list this week after posting a video on Instagram of the process behind this style. She used products from her hair care line, TPH, to achieve the look. The caption reads “COVID 19 got me doing my own glam from head to toe!!! If this acting thing don’t work out I have another plan!” By swiping left, you can watch the entire process unfold before your eyes, and by the last slide, we see a head full of beautifully defined curls. The post has been liked more than 600,000 times. 

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