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BET’s Paigion Walker Using Viral Videos to Create Her Own Platform

Written by: Neema Skye – February 3rd, 2020 3:59pm PT

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After years of appearing on BET and VH1, Paigion Walker has created a platform of viral fame through her sketch comedy content.

In her first sketch comedy appearance, Paigion gained over thirty five thousand viewers. Shortly after she began creating with friends, she would film, write and edit her own ideas that would create opportunities to appear on major television shows such as True TV’s Laff Mobb Laff Tracks.  

Although we’ve seen most of her success as an on air host, she began her career as a radio personality at one of Detroit’s biggest hip hip stations. Now gaining major success as a content creator, she credits the development of her creativity to her time spent as an intern hosting afternoon radio in Detroit, Michigan.

“I had prepared myself for that and I was like, if I do this, if I know what it looks like behind the camera, I’ll be good when I get in front of it,” said Walker.

Credit: Paigion Walker Instagram

Paigion used these skills that would later on allow her to create a video that would capture one million views on Instagram. In her intent to create a story of “What Women Really Wish They Could Do When Bae Is Leaving,” created a moment for her that would allow fans to experience her raw talent.

Although having millions of viewers anticipating every new video, she shares her strategy of creating content that keeps viewers loyal.

“The thing where I think that you stop the creativity is when you say this is the one. I know I wasn’t trying to go viral or it wasn’t ever a thing. I just enjoy being a creative,” said Walker.

Creativity which is leading to a continued connection with her fans.

You can find Paigion’s viral content and future project @iamtherealpaigion.

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Neema Skye is a true talent of entertainment. With hopes of one day being a host for a major network show, Neema’s ultimate goal is to contribute a positive image on the impression of the culture through all forms of media.

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