Bootylicious Singer Kelly Rowland Back w/ New Steamy Single Coffee, Inspiration from Idols Janet Jackson, & Aaliyah?

Written by: James Maple – April 26th, 2020 8:49pm pst

BHL Music Buzz: Kelly Rowland “Coffee”

Well, ahem, we are no longer singing about “Bug-a-Boos,” now are we Ms. Kelly Rowland? The true vocalist of Destiny’s Child (please don’t @ me, BeyHive!) turned solo breakout star Kelly Rowland is back! Her message upon returning to music was made very clear, she likes her coffee, and she likes it black.


Before we even continue with our commentary on her amazing new single, we’d just like to say, #BodyGoals! They say milk does a body good, we may be switching to coffee because Kelly Rowland is literally our body goals of 2020.

In her first full released single since 2019’s “Crown,” we were excited to see what this former “Bootylicious” singer had in store for her 2020 comeback.  Ditching the crown and opting for something a bit stiffer. Kelly Rowland’s 2020 attempt, “Coffee,” sings of love, lust and morning desires:

I know we just woke up

I know you gotta go but

Breakfast isn’t over

I see the way you rose up

Huh, they say mornin’ wood do a body good, babe

Clearly you agree, don’t be trying to leave

Stay here with me

I’ll put you right back to sleep

I’ll get you right for the week

We can vacay in the sheets

Let you parlay in the pink

The song itself is an upbeat modern bop, with a lot of radio potential. The lyrics are just risqué enough to sing aloud, well, depending on your listener (wink, wink). “Coffee” also has a sexy Caribbean Island feel to it with its use of hand drums throughout the song. We also noticed the clever use of a school bell that creates a real sense of urgency that draws in the listener’s attention. 

The video itself sets the real tone. Not a man in sight, viewers are treated to varying hues of sun kissed coffee. With “no time to waste” Kelly hits the beaches of Miami as the backdrop for this music video. Radiating black beauty, in all shades on a beach no less, got us thinking about similar videos we’d seen in the past. As we watched the video for “Coffee,” we couldn’t help but think of the late Aaliyah’s 2001 music video for “Rock the Boat.” Once you compare the videos and the playful undertones of the two songs, the similarities are pretty obvious. We wonder if this song was Kelly’s importation. After a bit of digging, we got the answer.

(By the way, if you love Aaliyah as much as us, check out our latest coverage of her legacy HERE by our Kenneth Ware.)

The adoration for all of this #BlackGirlMagic for Kelly Rowland did not go unnoticed,  not even from Kelly’s idol. Kelly, being one of her BIGGEST FANS, was over the moon when “Coffee” caught the eye of the one and only Janet Jackson. In a recent instagram post Janet went as far as to declare Kelly her #WCW. Take a look at the post HERE. We’d also like to point out that Kelly fangirled over the post! Rightfully so Kelly, that’s Ms. Jackson ‘cause we’re nasty!  Kelly’s reply reads “(Emotion) MY HEART!!! Thank You Queen! I learn from the best! ‘Love Will Never Do Without You’ Is always my inspiration!”

Credit: Janet Jackson’s Instagram

Kelly continued her explanation of the video in a statement to Essence, she says, “I want to celebrate the women in video — every shade, every coffee color, every curve, every essence and what they gave me.” Kelly continued, “My intention I set for the video was to take the light in yourself and your sexuality [and put it in] a God perspective, in a way where you don’t have to get any approval from anybody else.” You’ve done so in an empowering way Kelly! 

Kelly also sat down with Vulture Magazine and gave them even more insight into the individual magic of “Coffee.” She says, “To me, ‘Coffee’ is about embracing your individuality, sexuality, or imperfections.” To which we reply, “What imperfections Kelly? You’re perfect!”


No word as of yet if this new steamy single will be the lead for an upcoming album.  If ‘Coffee” is any indication of what Kelly has on offer, we’ll take whatever she is serving. Yes, of course, we’ll be back for seconds!

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