BHL Imagines Family Matters’ Winslow Family In Quarantine With Reginald Vel Johnson As Protector, Darius McCray As Swiper, Jo Marie Payton As Teacher, Kellie Shanygne Williams As The Recluse, Jaleel White As Clumsy Confidant And Suave Guru

Written by: Trina Dong – April 24th, 2020 7:21 pm pst


Quarantine has brought out the best in many of us.  It has also brought out the best in our imaginations, BHL notwithstanding.   On that note, our ‘BHL’s Imagine _________ in Quarantine’ series has us “IMAGINE” how our favorite fictional characters would fare in Quarantine.  This week we imagine how Family Matters would survive in quarantine.

Family Matters was a staple in households everywhere in the 90s. The Winslow family kept us entertained every week with their fun antics and heartwarming societal lessons. It’s not often they’re all stuck together 24/7 without their day jobs or school. Let’s take a look at what they would be doing in quarantine!

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Carl Winslow / Played by Reginald VelJohnson

Mr. Winslow is the protector of the house. He’s a fun loving guy until he sees suspicious activity. All he has to do is raise his voice and the foul play subsides. He’s perfect for when your neighbors decide to break the social distancing rules and knock on the door to invite you to their party. They’ll flee the scene just by one dirty look. 
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Eddie Winslow / Played by Darius McCray

Poor Eddie. There are very few ladies to chase in quarantine. He’s your roommate that is swiping right on everyone under the sun just to flirt on FaceTime. Little does he know, his lines don’t translate very well in text and keeps getting hit with the unmatch delete. Eventually, he’ll ask Stefan for help to keep the conversations flowing and he won’t be able to put his phone down again. 

Harriette Winslow / Played by Jo Marie Payton
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Mrs. Winslow would start the quarantine by having no problem cooking and cleaning for you. After a few days, she would start resenting you taking advantage of her work while you sit and watch Netflix all day. Inevitably, she will stop cooking all together to teach you a lesson. Suddenly, you’ve learned how to take care of yourself. All it took was 20 some years and a global pandemic!

Laura Winslow / Played by Kellie Shanygne Williams
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This is Laura’s nightmare. She’s stuck under one roof with Steve Urkel and has nowhere to hide. She’s constantly having social anxiety because everyone is always home. You can find her watching movies on her phone in the closet, having a spa day in a locked bathroom or doing yoga in the laundry room. 

Steve Urkel / Played by Jaleel White
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Steve is a great pal to have by your side. He’s always nice and is down to do whatever you want. The downside is, he’s a bit destructive. He would find a way to ruin the 5,000 piece puzzle you’ve been working on for weeks. Even with the sad, confused look on his face, you’d have to tell him that he indeed did that. 

Stefan Urquelle / Played by Jaleel White
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Last but not least, Stefan would Rico Suave his way into chilling everyone out in any panicky moments. He’d insist that you put on some smooth slow jams and meditate into a much needed state of relaxation. He’ll make it impossible for you to worry while he’s around and that’s all you need. 

There is a lot going on in this house! I would definitely have fun plotting ways to make sure Urkel disrupts everything Laura is doing. Not to mention, sitting and swiping with Eddie to keep myself entertained in his short lived whirlwind romances sounds like the perfect way to pass the time to me.

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