In Oprah’s 365 Beautiful & Uplifting Quotes, Oprah Invites Us To Dream Big and Often, Keep Minds Open To Allow For New Possibilities

Written by: The BHL Staff – April 21st, 2020 10:20pm pst


The Allowance of Time and Space in Realizing Dreams

Credit:  Oprah Winfrey Instagram

“Even the wildest dreams have to start somewhere. Allow yourself the time and space to let your mind wander and your imagination to fly.”  

We have all been there or should be there.  

We’re all on a quest to discover our life’s dream or to come up with that big idea that will get us to the next level in life.  

If anyone would know about having next level ideas or wild dreams, it would be Oprah Winfrey.  One could easily assume that Oprah would advise aspiring dreamers otherwise; that all of one’s free time and space should be entirely devoted to working and focusing on finding that big idea or discovering what their dream is. 

The truth is, big dreams and ideas won’t necessarily come to you through force, work or will.  They will come to you in your downtime, when your mind is at rest.  Breathing, meditating, long walks, lying in the grass, sitting on the beach and just being still are the actions that most often lead to the greatest breakthroughs and realizations. But it’s not just allowing time and space for them to come.  In addition, it’s about having your mind wide open and in a state of possibility. Most people focus on that which cannot be achieved and the many reasons why.  In doing so, they severely limit their imaginations and thus their chances of finding their dream, much less achieving it. 

If Oprah could achieve her wildest dreams from such humble beginnings why can’t you or any one of us.?  So take Oprah’s above quote to heart. Create the time and space in your days to dream and when you do dream, dream big and remain open to all the wonderful possibilities the world has to offer.  That big idea, that life’s dream will come. 

Though we are not affiliated with Oprah herself, Black Hollywood Live recommends picking up her book 365 Beautiful & Uplifting Quotes for Daily Reading for more of these gems and even repeated reading for continual reminders.  

Credit:  Oprah Winfrey Instagram

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This article was written by our BHL Staff.

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