Black Hollywood is tired of being seen as disposable and its’ stories being undervalued, should we take Kanye seriously about running in 2020 this late in the year, can private security do what cops are doing on hollywood sets as we look at defunding police, and Lin Manuel Miranda mints his own money as he takes Hamilton to Disney Plus for streaming

Written by: Kay Montgomery – July 10th, 2020 12:59 pm time pst

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This week on The Black Hollywood Reporter we dive into Variety’s cover story, “Black Hollywood Speaks Out, But Is The Industry Listening?” As more black actors share their deflating experience of being undervalued in the workplace we can’t help but wonder is the industry listening. Programs that are meant to advance Black voices and opportunities are needed in not only writing, producing but also at executive levels, as highlighted by Matthew Cherry, Channing Dungey and Tara Duncan.

 Lin Manual Miranda rakes in $75 million as a result of his Hamilton deal with Disney yet still owns the right to the show if he wanted to do a theatrical release. WHo would like to see a Hamilton movie? Most inspiring about the size of the bag Manuel secured is that Leslie Odom Jr. was integral in seeing that the rest of the cast was also compensated adequately.

Talks intensify about defunding police-specifically on Hollywood sets as stars like Michael B. Jordan pledged to not use police, only private security on all of his projects moving forward. Are private security firms the way that Hollywood will put its money where its mouth is in talking about divesting in police that may be traumatizing to its biggest stars?

In our social media rundown, not to be outdone by last week’s GAP news, Kanye West begins his bid for President. Even though he hasn’t filed the proper paperwork, is light years behind with campaigning and has yet to state any of his positions on current day issues, he got our attention. When you consider the combination of the aforementioned factors attention is probably all he was after in the first place. 

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