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Some say he’s the coolest in the universe, I say he’s the baddest in the Spiderverse, either way, we are talking about Miles Morales.

credit: Marvel Comics

What’s up afterbuzzers, it’s Jeff Williams here with your “Black Superhero Almanac’, where we put the spotlight on our Black superheroes, some you know, and a lot you don’t. This week we are slinging through the streets of Brooklyn, as we put the spotlight on Miles Morales, aka Spider-man.

credit: Marvel Comics

First appearing in Ultimate Fallout #4, following the death of Peter Parker. Miles, an Afro-Latino teenager, becomes the second Spider-Man to appear in Ultimate Marvel.

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Previous editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics’, Axel Alonso actually describes drawing inspiration for the character, from the 44th President, Barack Obama. He states, “When we were planning ‘Ultimatum,’ we realized that we were standing at the brink of America electing its first African-American President, and we acknowledged that maybe it was time to take a good look at one of our icons.”

Although Miles Morales is the first black Spider-Man, he marks the second time a Latino character has taken the mantle of Spider-Man. Miguel O’Hara, who is of half-Mexican descent, was the title character in the 1990s series Spider-Man 2099.

credit: Marvel Comics

But, as any new Spider-Man comes, so does their unique backstory, and Miles is no different. So before all the web slinging, Miles was a normal teenage kid, who was in the wrong place at the right time. One night while visiting his uncle Aaron’s apartment, Miles was bitten by an Oz-enhanced spider, which he later discovers gives superhuman abilities like camouflage, and increased agility.

credit: Marvel Comics

In just the 9 years of Miles’ existence, he’s become an integral part of the Marvel Universe, but it definitely didn’t start off that way. After Miles helped Captain America to defeat the R.H.I.N.O., he agreed to let him take the mantle of Spider-Man, while acknowledging the youngster’s need for better training. In order to improve, Miles joined the Ultimates.

credit: Marvel Comics

Once established, Miles has been seen teaming up with many iconic superheroes, and taking part in many iconic storylines. From teaming up with Iron-Man and taking on Captain Marvel in Civil War 2, to becoming Captain Universe (with the help of the Enigma Force) to take down the Inheritors, Miles has really made his claim to being one of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

credit: SONY

With all that said, his impact has transcended the comic, and is now on the silver screen. 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse quickly became a fan favorite, and truly made Miles Morales the household name he is today. And with the movie’s huge success, there are multiple sequels and spin-offs on the way! But my question to all the Spider-Man fans out there…what storyline would you like them to adapt next?

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