Dorien Wilson of Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, The Parkers, Howard High, and Bounce TV’s In The Cut talks longevity for black actors and the importance of having character to play characters on BHL’s Tha Trend

Written by: Derrial Christon – May 18th, 2020 11:26pm pst

Black Hollywood Live’s Tha Trend: Dorien Wilson

Legendary actor Dorien Wilson joined Host Derrial Christon and Courtney Stewart of BHL’s Tha Trend to chat about his longevity as a black actor in the entertainment biz.  Wilson’s TV credits include a long list of shows that are especially loved within the black community such as Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, The Parkers, and more.  

He currently stars on Bounce TV’s hit show In the Cut and the new mini series Howard High on UrbanflixTV. Wilson said this about his new mini series, “The storyline is amazing. I got to play a shady superintendent of the school. There is so much singing and dancing and it’s of the caliber of the Director Chris Stokes’ film You Got Served.”  

When asked about his experience of staying relevant in the fickle entertainment biz, he stated “This industry is crazy with ups & downs, but to be working consistently and to to be able to say I am a true actor has been a blessing.  A lot of people I mentor, I tell them the more we write, produce and direct, it’s only going to put you in a better place. There are so many networks that are looking for good content, which enables actors to get more work.”   

He also discussed advice he gives to new actors. Wilson feels that to play great roles, you must make your own self a person of substance.  “You could be at the right place at the right time and have the right look, but if you have nothing to sustain it, you are going to be a flash in the pan.”

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Be sure to catch Wilson on both In The Cut on Bounce TV and Howard High on UrbanflixTV.

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