Brian White of Stomp the Yard, Bronx SIU & Monogamy talks Black Freedom, The ON! Channel, and connecting the world of entrepreneurs through Snapcall.

Written by: Danny Royce – May 15th, 2020 6:46pm pst

Inside The Black Actors Studio: Brian White

White recently joined Danny Royce Inside the Black Actors Studio. They discussed his credits, acting journey, the history of streaming and much more.

Over the span of more than two decades, White has appeared in a number of films and television series. Including Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad ALl By Myself, Game Plan, Bronx SIU, and Monogamy. One film that really brought White in the spotlight was Stomp the Yard starring Chris Brown and Columbus Short. 

When asked how the film came about, White said, “I looked at the script and realized there were a lot of sexy times and I didn’t really like that, so I gave it to my mom and sister. My mom said we can make this better… you know how to write. We made Trois, Lotus and Stomp the Yard back to back to back.” Stomp the Yard would go on to influence dance films like You Got Served, Step Up and many others. White mentioned that he never watches his performance.

White is a man of many talents. He was recently named President of The ON! Channel. A streaming platform with the best in award winning, award nominated, and celebrated content which are created by some of the most talented, respected and diverse creators in the business today. 

White’s motto is #hustlenation. His entrepreneur mindset has led him into many opportunities. He currently runs his own apparel company as well as a new app called SnapCall. SnapCall is not a social media platform with broad social postings. SnapCall is focused on creating the personal connections required to properly network. 

White shared the birth of SnapCall. “It’s a new way to connect engage, and consume in this new world. It came from my over twenty years of experience as an actor networking. I want everyone to have the steps to the staircase mapped out before they start climbing.” 

Everything White does is surrounded by freedom. “My favorite word is freedom. One thing I can say is that all my companies are about freedom. Anything I’m about…. it’s about liberation.”

Be sure to keep a look out for White’s shows Monogamy, Bronx SIU, and Howard High premiering this fall.

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