Cardi B delivers a message to her haters after #CardiBIsOverParty trends on Twitter

Written by: Alexandria Jordan – June 30th, 2020 12:41pm pst

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The “Cancel Culture” gang is at it again, and this time they brought charges against Cardi B. Although this isn’t the first failed attempt to “cancel” the 27 year old rapper, the gang is still adamant about seeing her demise. 

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Cardi B was accused of having a fake Instagram account where she bashed other female entertainers, such as Meg Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, etc. She was also accused of feuding with Ariana Grande. Within minutes, the #CardiBIsOverParty hashtag started trending. 

In no time, the Grammy award winner denied the accusation in an Instagram video stating, “I woke up and I’m seeing that they’re trying to make ‘Cardi B Is Cancelled Party.’ I’m like what the f*ck, I’m not doing anything.”

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She continued on saying, “So now I see these people I guess are editing or they’re claiming I have a fake Instagram. I don’t know. These people must think that I’m a 15-year-old girl. And they claim that Lil Kim follows the page, that my hairstylist and my makeup artist and my sister follow the page, and they never did.”

The Bronx rapper expressed, “I don’t care if you’re all trying to cancel me about something else, but don’t make lies about me. It’s tiring. It’s annoying.”

To further prove that she is exhausted with the lies and failed attempts of “canceling” her career, she posted another video to Instagram. She ends the message to her “haters”  by jumping in a pool while wearing red bottom heels.

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Soon after, fans showed support by making #CardiBIsComing and #WeLoveYouCardi trend on Twitter.

In a Twitter post, Cardi wrote, “I’m so thankful, I’m so grateful for you guys. Thank you for making those other hashtags trend. I do feel really powerful. The fact that I haven’t dropped music in 8 months. I haven’t announced none of the projects I been workin on. All I been doing is eating food & people have to make fake edits to cancel me. It makes me feel like IM THAT B*TCH!”

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