Claudia Jordan & Tiffany Pollard Talk Sharknado, Usher’s STD, Rick Ross & Trump | BHL’s This Week

BHL This Week – Join Courtney Stewart, DJ Jesse Janedy, and Derrial Christon recall the top stories of the week on This Week for July 27th, 2017. Today our hosts welcome Tiffany Pollard, Claudia Jordan and Scotty Mullen to talk about Sharknado 5 and

Rick Ross’s Sexist Comments
Usher’s New Accuser
Trump’s Trans Military Ban

A1: – Jesse Janedy
#BlackTwitter – Hocus Pocus / Magic School Bus
Me So Hungry

A2: – Courtney Stewart
Artificial Intelligence
Usher’s STD

A3: – Derrial Christon

R Kelly’s Trap House
Michael Vick