Comedian BT Kingsley creates viral content that landed him a Comedy Central Special

Written by: Neema Skye – February 28th 2020, 12:30am  pst

Hand picked by Kevin Hart to perform on the world’s largest comedy stage, BT Kingsley breaks the median and shows comedians how to use their social media as a gain for opportunity.

Kingsley, a fourteen year comedy veteran created a sketch comedy skit with friends that hit one million views and opened a door for him to perform on Comedy Central. Although most comedians have used live stand up as the foundation of their career, Kingsley believes that the internet is a tool that stand-up comedians have overlooked.

Photo Credit: Comedy Central: Stupid Break Ups

The major key is to “figure out whatever you’re going to do” , Kingsley states. There is a way for comedians to merge their social media presence with their stand-up audience. Putting your content on social media allows you to test your material and in sixty seconds you can prove that your content is effective.

Outside of his incredible talent to make millions laugh, Kingsley pays homage to Kevin Hart for allowing him and thousands of other comedians to shine on major platforms like Laugh Out Loud. Kingsley feels that people should watch Hart’s model.

“ Kevin has made it a point to come back down” Kingsley expressed. “When most people reach his magnitude of success they continue to keep climbing but what Hart has done will forever be appreciated and reflected in the comedy industry.”

Photo Credit: Comedy Central : The Next Level

Even though Kingsley has found a niche through which to make millions laugh on social media, he encourages creators to put their ideas into action and not focus on going viral. He feels that as creators continue to create and post their content viewers will increase.

“ You have to consistently put out your work flow and let your fruits be your fruits”

Kingsley has created a model amongst many in his industry, and we can only expect that the best is yet to come for this comedy star

Follow Kingsley @btkingsley who is subject to be the host for the 30th Annual Bay Area Black Comedy Competition.

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