Courtney Kemp Creating New HBO Show with Jerry Ferrara

Written by: Jennifer Lopez – September 10th, 2019 5:39pm PT

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Power creator Courtney Kemp is already working on her next big hit!

Jerry Ferrara, who plays Joe Proctor in Power, guested on AfterBuzz TV’s Power aftershow and announced he and Kemp are working on a new show together.

“Her and I sold a show to HBO, and uh, she’s in the writing process right now, in like, the thick of it, doing what she does,” revealed Ferrara.

The two have worked together for six seasons on Power, and Ferrara has gained major appreciation for Kemp during that time.

“She is one of my favorite writers of all time,” shared Ferrara.

In addition to creating Power, Kemp also served as a producer on the television series The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-O, and Beauty and the Beast.

Power has gotten rave reviews and is a big fan favorite. The show currently has an 8.2 rating on IMDb.

Ferrara wouldn’t give away too many details about the new show, but shared a tease of the plot.

“It’s kinda set in the world of uh, uh, police corruption in New York,” said Ferrara. “Obviously, there are steps that have to go, to make sure that gets on the air, but uh, going off her [Kemp] track record, I think it stands a really good shot.”

There is no timetable for when the show could be coming out, but we’ll be sure to update you on the latest.

For the full interview with Ferrara, click the link above!

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