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Demetrius Grosse Shares Secrets to Success in Hollywood

Written by: Danny Royce – January 23rd, 2020 6:45pm PT

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What do Rampage, Fear the Walking Dead, and Straight Outta Compton have in common? Demetrius Grosse!

Grosse recently joined Danny Royce Inside the Black Actors Studio for fun, games, and real conversation. They took a dive deep into his story including his past, tv/film credits, new projects, and life after a life-changing accusation. 

The Rookie. Credit: ABC

When asked if he preferred TV over film he explained, “I don’t think either one is better or worse, I just think they have different approaches, and strong points and they reach the audience in different ways.” 

Some of his favorite moments on set were in the film Rampage starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Fear the Walking Dead. Rampage was a huge blockbuster hit and reached almost a whopping $5 billion worldwide.

Grosse shared what it was like working on set with the People’s Champion and having a fan boy moment.

“He was always in his trailer. I learned that there are levels. He’s a busy guy. He’s more busy than most and it was interesting to see the levels and how it’s good to be busy and doing multiple things,” said Grosse. 

The Rookie. Credit: ABC

Fear the Walking Dead has been catching viewers’ eyes for five seasons and the sixth is on its way. This was the first apocalyptic show Grosse has been a part of and shared he had an incredible time on set with tons of Walkers.

Grosse spoke about his character in the upcoming season.

“He is very much a cynic and a pragmatist; you know he lives on his own out in the middle of the woods,” explained Grosse. “It was an interesting world to be in and I got to play in a different space that I’m used to. I had a chance to work with some amazing actors and producers.”

After being falsely accused of sexual harassment by a former co-star of The Rookie, Grosse never stopped reaching for the stars.

Keep an eye out for Grosse this year as he anticipates adding a lot more credits under his belt. 

Be sure to catch him on Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead premiering August 2020 and Bodycam opposite Mary J. Blige.

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About The Author:

Danny Royce is an award-winning actor, host, published model, and entrepreneur. He produces and hosts the hottest new live digital show “Inside the Black Actors Studio” on Black Hollywood Live.

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