Hamilton Hits Disney + Early, sports will continue without an audience, HTGAWM series finale breaks ratings, Spike Lee releasing Da 5 Bloods on Netflix, Viola Davis Exits HTGAWM, & Questlove of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon lands a deal with NBC Universal on Black Hollywood Live’s Black Hollywood Reporter.

Written by: Samantha Jacobs – May 20th, 2020 11:05pm pst

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Black Hollywood Live’s The Black Hollywood Reporter brings you the top trending news on industry business and creatives in Black entertainment. This week we talk about the struggles of campaigning for the Emmys during Covid-19, Hamilton disappoints fans with Disney + editing, how sports will resume on time without an audience, Spike Lee brings a new light to Veterans in Netflix movie, and Questlove scores a major deal with NBCUniversal.

As we still continue to deal with these trying times of quarantine, the entertainment industry is in a tight pitch to get creative in time for Emmy season. “FYC – For Your Consideration” has evolved to “For Your Wait and See” — since all screenings, panels, parties and events for our favorite shows are 100% canceled. Per usual — the show must go on! Variety Magazine stated, this is the year we can “retire the word – campaigning” and still be the time for stars and producers to show the work they’re proud of. Now that everyone is streaming and binging shows to keep their sanity, this might be a great opportunity for shows that typically wouldn’t be seen in the spotlight. This can be the change in how we look at television and give The Emmys a chance to break the barriers in recognition for minority communities. A solution that seems to be a favored idea is having actors create buzz around charity work for covid-19, but will this be the best way to win attention? 

Disney + is scoring a huge win by pushing the release date of Hamilton The Musical earlier than expected. The Tony sweeping musical will now hit the streaming service on July 3rd. This hybrid of hip hop and history has been a pop culture sensation for years, now fans are eager to celebrate its glory in their homes. The major concern fans have is if this will be edited “too much” due to Disney’s family friendly guidelines. According to the jack of all trades – composer, lyricist, singer, rapper, actor, producer and playwright, Lin Manuel Miranda, says he’s OK with the editing if it helps reach a wider audience. With his approval, there’s nothing more to say, but Disney, get the job done! 

With streaming taking over, live sports are ready to make a comeback. Heavy hitters like the NFL and NBA are beyond ready to get in the groove of a normal season. This time there’s a twist! Teams will have to survive without a live audience to hype them up! As fans will be enjoying the rush of their favorite teams from their TVs not in real life, this seems to be a norm. In the NFL alone 16 million people watch the game from the TV, we can say sports entrepreneurs are not too worried depending on the small screen. If anything, in good faith of practicing social distancing, this can be a major marketing opportunity for stadiums to offer private games for a fan or two. Which in the day and age of “unique experiences” this would be an amazing story to tell!

Spike Lee had crazy film buzz around a film set to drop next month. As always, you can count on Spike Lee to tell amazing stories, this time, it’s about Veterans of the Vietnam War, not at war, but post-war. A topic that isn’t showcased enough, when more than 60% of Vets who deal with homelessness, substance abuse or mental health issues are people of color. Originally set to screen at Cannes, Lee dropped the trailer for his latest film Da 5 Bloods, a drama about four African American veterans, who return to Vietnam to search for the remains of their fallen squad leader. To keep the culture alive Lee decided the film will go straight to Netflix on June 12th. Will his Award-Winning name and notable cast be enough for the film to be a trending hit? 

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DA 5 BLOODS Streams Globally On June 12th On Netflix.

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Now is the time to celebrate if you are a musichead! Questlove and Trik Trotter of The Roots have landed a deal with NBCUniversal. The deal is set to create scripted, unscripted and digital content with Two One Five Entertainment. Besides being Jimmy Fallon’s house band on Tonight Show with Jimmy  Fallon, the duo’s latest production was a AMC’s docu-series Hip Hop: The Songs That Shook America. Questlove is also set to direct the documentary Black Woodstock showcasing the Harlem Cultural Festival, this film doesn’t have a release date. 

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