Who Really Made Air Force One’s Famous, Nelly or A$AP Rocky?

Written by: Sana Moore – April 26th, 2020 2:30pm pst


Just when we thought it was all about music battles, fashion decided to get in on the action too! The battle of who made the Nike Air Force 1s a famous trend is the new buzz on the internet. It all started when clips of the 2015 Oxford Union Q&A interview with A$AP Rocky made it’s way to Twitter. In the interview, A$AP Rocky claimed to have made wearing Nike Air Force 1s a famous trend.

During the interview, the interviewer told A$AP Rocky that people weren’t wearing Air Force 1s until A$AP started wearing them. 

“When you came out, you came out with this kind of interesting aesthetic. You have Air Force 1s and stuff, people weren’t really wearing Air Force 1s.” he said. 

“They were laughing,” A$AP said while chuckling and smiling. 

“I was laughing. You’ve influenced the taste, you’ve influenced the culture.” the interviewer said. 

A$AP elaborated more on the statement and expressed the history of his style of dress.

“My fashion sense comes from different decades. When I first came out, I would say you didn’t get to see as much..as far as my wardrobe changes. This aesthetic has always been a part of my wardrobe.” A$AP said. 

As A$AP dives more into his choice of style, he said he premeditated Air Force 1s to make its comeback. 

“It was all premeditated, I said listen I’m going to wear these whack sneakers. It was 2011, and I was going to wear these whack sneakers just to test and see,” he said.

He wanted to put his trendsetting skills to the test and see if he actually had an influence on the way people dressed. 

“So when people started wearing the Air Force 1s again, I stopped wearing it and I just said man, I did my job, and I was right all along,” A$AP Rocky said. 

On the other hand of things, Nelly has a different version of how Air Force 1s became famous. 

In his interview with The Breakfast Club, he stated that the east coast wore the shoe more than any other region in the United States. Radio host, Dj Envy said wearing Air Force 1s was popular in New York as well as when Nelly’s song “Air Force Ones” dropped, however, there was a time period when people weren’t wearing the shoe as much as they were in 2005.

“There was a time when nobody would wear Air-Force 1s. It was considered the old man’s sneaker, nobody was rockin’ with it and he[A$AP Rocky] started rockin’ it 10 years later after that. He brought it back for the kids,” Dj Envy said. 

Nelly was in shock and disbelief when he heard the statement Dj Envy said. Nelly said after releasing his song, “Air Force Ones” Nike saw such an increase in demand for the shoe, the price doubled! 

As the interview continued, Nelly said Filas, Reebok, and K-Swiss were more popular in the South than Air Force 1s. In fact, he agreed that Air Force 1s were very popular in New York, but ultimately he made it famous throughout the world.

“I went to South Africa on tour and they [were]  holding up Air Force Ones. They [weren’t] doing that because New York was rockin’ them,” he said confidently. 

“The whole statement of give me two pairs came from because they [were] only $59.99 after my song, after the video, after the tour, they shot up to one hundred dollars and they ain’t came back since,” he said proudly. 

“The price didn’t go down. If wasn’t nobody rockin’ them the price [would’ve] went down, that means you can’t sell them. People were still buying them at the same price that we set in 2005,” he said excitedly. 

What are your thoughts? Who is the king of Air Force 1s? Which celebrity influenced you to wear the all-white shoe? Let us know in the comments!

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