Eckhart Tolle – Super Soul Sitdown

“Anxiety is a form of fear, …Fear can express itself as anger. If you look at anger closely, you will find hidden underneath it is a state of fear.”
“Is it possible that certain thoughts that you think frequently produce the fear? Is it possible that you project yourself into the future moment excessively, trying to control something you have no control over?” Eckhart Tolle further goes on to say that excessive thought activity often creates scenarios of things going wrong; that are not happening now; may never happen. And even if they did happen, the actual situation would be easier to face. Tolle also educates his audience by sharing nuggets like, “There’s nothing you can do to remedy an imaginary situation except to stop thinking it. But, if an actual situation arises, you face it and you give it your attention and you take the action that you need to take”.

Your life is yours to own! No one can live it for you. You have the right to do what makes you happy and you even have the right to change your mind. Vulnerable is strength and there is beauty in the hard times. Join us today for Super Soul Sit Down as we dive into it all right here!

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