Eddie Murphy To Host SNL For First Time in 35 Years

8/26/19 9:35PM

Eddie Murphy returning to Saturday Night Live!

NBC announced the comedian will host SNL on Dec. 21st, his first appearance as a host in 35 years, since the comedian turned actor left in 1984.

Murphy is no stranger to the SNL Stage. He was apart of the cast for 4 years, starting at the age of 19, becoming an acclaim sensation with sketches that included Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood and The Little Rascals as Gumby, Buckwheat and Stevie Wonder.

The comedian left SNL to pursue a career in film.

Murphy went on to star in classic Hollywood Films like The Nutty Professor Franchise, Beverly Hills Cops, and Coming to America.

COMING TO AMERICA, Eddie Murphy, 1988

Murphy has laid low the last several years, enjoying his private life. There have been rumors about his return to the screen or the comedy stage. Reports link Murphy with Netflix on a comedy show deal that could reach $70 million.

Make sure you catch SNL Season 45 when it returns September 28th on NBC.