Emmy Winner James Bland Shares Impact of Issa Rae and Michael B. Jordan

Written by: Danny Royce – January 26th, 2020 9:58pm PT

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James Bland is targeting the Black female audience with something to love!

Bland recently joined Danny Royce on Inside the Black Actors Studio for some real conversation. They discussed the Emmy Award-Winning digital series Giants, collaborating with Issa Rae, Just Mercy starring Michael B. Jordan and what it’s like being a Black filmmaker.

Giants chronicles the journey of three friends who share a firm commitment to living life on their own terms. But, when unable to escape conflicts of identity, sexuality and mental health, each character reaches a sobering turning point that forces them to either give up or fight for their lives. The series was nominated for 11 Emmys, and won 2 Emmy.

Issa Rae’s YouTube channel targets Black females and Bland supports it by collaborating with business that support that community.

“I’ve known Issa for a long time. Before Giants I had done three other shows on her channel,” said Bland. “It wasn’t much of a pitch. It was literally an email. It’s a great, like, exchange, because the show is already produced, and literally they serve as a distribution.”

A current film that inspires Bland as a filmmaker is Just Mercy starring Michael B. Jordan.

Just Mercy. Credit: Participant

“I’m really passionate about social justice. I’ve been telling myself even as a filmmaker that I want to find my Fruitvale Station,” expressed Bland, “so to watch Michael B. Jordan go from Fruitvale to do you know a film like Just Mercy… I definitely want to work with that dude.”

What’s next for Bland? He hinted that we may see a possible Giants Feature Film.

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