Facebook Removes Black Student, FCC Net Neutrality & More Tech News | BHL’s Geek. Nerd. Tech.

BHL: Geek. Nerd. Tech. — In this episode Black Hollywood Live host Joe Braswell, Akili Shine, and Alexis Torres discuss technology for the week of March 6th, 2015. They open up with “Tech News” featuring Facebook removes black student’s account for ‘suspicious activity’, Mars One choses top 100 candidates, Story behind Kim Kardashian’s hit game, Akon Lighting Africa, 40 year-old tech still running America’s air traffic control, New phone scans your eyes, FCC Net Neutrality victory, Google spent $25M to own .app domain, and Scientists accidentally invent cure for color blindness. Next they discuss “Geek/Pop Culture” by discussing Mr. Spock, mixed-race pioneer, Ex Machina trailer responds like a human, and Will Smith’s Focus box office. Next up the discuss “Video Games” which includes Smithsonian course on super heroes, Nvidia Shield console with a Tegra X1, and The Order: 1886 PS$ Game. They wrap things up with a discussion about violence via the Internet: Teen shooting over Facebook feud, and Internet trolling.
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