Dashcam footage of Glenn County Police shows authorities harassing Ahmaud Arbery and accusing him of possession of drugs

Written by: Sana Moore – May 20th, 2020 5:36pm pst

Credit: WSB-TV

Black Hollywood Live: The Ahmaud Arbery case 

The dashcam video of Glenn County police harassing Ahmaud Arbery has been released to the public. The dashcam video is from 2017, when the police confronted Arbery for being in his car. When the police asked Arbery what he was doing in the area, Arbery told him he was making rap videos in his car. 

The police officer proceeded to check Arbery for weapons. After he realized Arbery was not armed, he walked over to Arbery’s vehicle to search it, which Arbery told the officer he didn’t have the right to search. The officer then called for backup to meet him at the park. 

“You’re just jumping around and getting a little bit nervous on me,” the officer said. 

Arbery was away from his car with his hands raised as the new officer walked closer to him and tased him, yelling, “Get down!”. 

Credit: WSB-TV

 “Listen man, I’m not here to mess with you okay. I’ve been cool with you the entire time, You got out the car and came up on me,” the officer said. 

“I go to work for a living. I just came out to the park to ease my mind, I rap,” Arbery said calmly. 

“We get a lot of bad stuff happening out here. We get gang and drug activity, we get all kinds of stuff out here,” the officer said. 

“Is my name tied up with any of that,” Arbery said. 

“No, it is not,” the police officer said. 

According to WSB-TV, Arbery’s attorney said the video exemplifies a pattern of how Arbery has been dealing with unjust treatment. The NCAAP is calling for an investigation on the mistreatment and injustices African-Americans face with authorities in Georgia.

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