Fox 11’s Elex Michaelson details California’s plan to reopen, and opens up on staying fit and paying it forward to Fit Club’s Shaka Smith and Fallon Mercedes…

Written by: Shaka Smith – April 30th, 2020 2:35pm pst

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BHL Fit Club: Elex Michaelson

Elex Michaelson, Fox 11 nightly news anchor sat down with Fit Club’s Shaka Smith and Fallon Mercedes to discuss fact-checking Covid19 information, Governor Gavin Newsom’s step by step plan to reopen California, staying fit in quarantine, and sharing that fitness with the public through daily evening fitness segments hosted by his fitness club. 

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Michaelson, who had recently finished a call with Governor Newsom, provided a detailed analysis of what the next few months would look like as California gradually opened up in the face of the covid19 crisis. Michaelson revealed that gyms were still a few months away from opening for Californians but would be pressing for further answers regarding gyms of different sizes that may not fit the same risk factors as other gyms.

Michaelson stressed the importance of listening to the experts and eschewing much of the novel treatments not endorsed by the consensus of medical experts. Having recently interviewed, Dr. Deborah Birx, Michaelson also touched on the potential hope for a quicker return to some semblance of normalcy if there is a breakthrough in Antigen testing, but echoed Birx’s caution that given the current unreliability of testing, were not quite there yet. 

On trusting the media, Michaelson sought to instill confidence in the public in many of the historic media institutions that most Americans are familiar with. Citing the exhaustive investigative efforts of traditional media organizations along with the public availability of much of the health information being reported, Michaelson conveyed that the public can feel safe in trusting traditional news.

Photo Credit: Elex Michaelson Instagram

When asked about his own routine to stay mentally and physically fit, Michaelson talked about discovering the outdoors and becoming a new runner. He emphasized the importance of the basics, running, good sleep, sun, and simple vitamins as the best way to stay healthy during this time.

On sharing fitness with others: Michaelson shared that after being contacted by Jamison Bolt, Coordinator of the Rhone fitness team (a community of athletes and trainers) to which he and host Shaka Smith belong, he knew he wanted to do something for the trainers hit hard by the shutdown and everyone at home struggling to stay fit. Thus the idea for televised evening workouts featuring a variety of trainers was born and airs 7pm on Fox11 and can also be found on Michaelson’s Instagram.

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Hosts: Shaka Smith | Fallon Mercedes 

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