Fran Drescher Still Wants Cardi B for The Nanny Reboot

Written by: Rachel Goodman – September 24th, 2019, 7:42pm PT

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Rumors of a The Nanny reboot are still circling, and Fran Drescher still wants Cardi B to play the starring role.

“I’m still very into Cardi B and I would still love to talk to her about whether it’s something that would interest her,” Drescher said in an interview with Black Hollywood Live on September 17th

Drescher, who played Fran on the show, went on to say she’d love to see Cardi B playing a twenty-first-century version of the character and she’d love to collaborate with Cardi B on the project and play her mother.

“I could be her mom and then we could get like John Leguizamo to play, uh, Morty,” Drescher said with a huge, enthusiast smile. Morty, of course, is Fran Fine’s father.

According to the Source, Drescher met with Cardi B’s team earlier this week. So, it sounds especially promising that we could end up with a reboot of the iconic 90’s sitcom.

To really seal the deal of an upcoming Drescher and Cardi B collaboration, our Black Hollywood Live reporter asked Drescher to give her best Cardi B impersonation. Be sure to check out the full Black Hollywood Live interview above for the hilarious impersonation, more information on a potential Nanny reboot, and the proper length for in-laws to stay with their family!

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