GA state representative Erica Thomas zooms into Fit Club with Shaka Smith and Fallon Mercedes Brock, discussing her transition to veganism, Georgia’s early reopening, accountability of elected officials and President Trump’s recent Hydroxychloroquine revelation

Written by: Shaka Smith – May 20, 2020 3:08pm pst

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BHL Fit Club: Erica Thomas 

As Georgia continues to reopen, Erica Thomas expressed her concerns as a politician returning to the Capitol where adherence to social distancing and mask guidelines has been more emblematic of political partisanship than concern for public health. She did highlight several precautionary steps that are being taken, but will be cautious upon return with no enforceable mask requirement for the public or the lawmakers. 

On opening back up, Thomas said Georgia opened too early citing the Trump administration’s own guidance for a 14 day decline before states began Phase I which Georgia had not seen. Thomas was also disturbed by transparency concerns and recent reports out of Georgia alleging Covid19 data misrepresentation and out of Florida on potential coercion to manipulate data to speed reopening. Thomas stressed the public must remember these actions when they head to the polls to vote. She also urged the public to hold officials accountable by calling them now. She noted most lawmakers don’t receive the myriad calls the public assumes they do which means they are often keyed into the concerns of those that do reach out. 

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As the first elected female lawmaker out of foster care, Thomas is especially focused this May, National Foster Care Month, on solutions for the system and for all children that are living under strained conditions during the pandemic. With Title I schools (90% free or reduced lunch) in her district, Thomas organized free lunches and delivered food to children when schools closed and is fighting for increased funds for organizations that were instrumental in that effort. With the Governor, Brian Kemp allowing summer camps to open, Thomas again reiterated her concern for the children and is working on getting those children supplies to help reduce potential Covid19 spread.

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While Thomas urged the public to follow guidelines put forth by the administration, she was appalled at the President’s admission regarding taking Hydroxychloroquine daily to prevent covid19 infection. She noted it’s lack of FDA approval for this use and the likelihood that others would expose themselves to risk due to the inherent trust that comes with the office of the presidency. She urges the public to take no drug that is not specifically FDA approved for the intended use. 

In discussing Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments describing Trump as morbidly obese, Thomas noted it was a serious issue, especially in the African American community and part of the problem in the disparity of outcomes for covid19 infection. Thomas is working to combat this with Big Girlz Move to reach minority communities and even give away free online training. 

On her own routine she focuses on consistency, setting a minimum of 10 minutes a day for intense exercise and focuses on a low carb diet and a new transition to veganism. She described the transition as smooth given her familiarity with many of the meat substitutes and strong family support. Thomas is staying fighting fit as she gears up for her next election.

She faces a primary election on June 9th and the general on November 3rd. She finished with imploring constituents to stay at home as much as possible, reminding the public about asymptomatic spread. She urged using masks if the public must go out and if you’re a constituent in need, to email her, and her office will work to provide constituents with PPE. 

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