Halle Berry Reveals Ageless Skin Secret, Loni Love Gets Personal, and Tamar Braxton Hosts New VH1 Show

Written by: Tyler Simone – April 24th, 2020 11:48am pst


Halle Berry reveals an ageless skin secret and Loni Love gets personal. Tyler Simone brings you Black Hollywood Lives Top 5 Black Instagram Beauty posts of the week!

Not only does Tamar Braxton take the #5 spot on our list this week, but she is the host of a brand new beauty series, To Catch a Beautician. Tamar made this announcement on Instagram gaining over 17,000 likes. She’ll be partnering with celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright helping clients confront the beautician who damaged their hair. The stylists are then put through a “hair boot camp” before having an opportunity to redeem themselves! The show premieres on VH1 May 25th. 

The #4 spot goes to….Loni Love! Viewer discretion is advised. Loni got pretty personal with her followers after posting a photo of what her feet currently look like since being quarantined. Don’t worry! She says that she’s going to take care of it. Despite a few comments, it seems as though her followers admire her honesty. The post has over 28,000 likes at the moment. She’s asking that everyone tag a pic of their feet! #quarantinewithloni.

Halle Berry made her way onto our beauty list this week! She takes the #3 spot after sharing one of her many beauty tips. As you may know, Halle owns a workout brand, Respin: a digital health and wellness community. And for #selfcaresunday, she posted a photo, which has now been liked more than 135,000 times, rocking one of her go-to face masks. She shared the ingredients and a breakdown of each step on the @respin Instagram page. All it takes is 4 ingredients, and about 15 minutes of your time. 

Our #2 spot on the black instagram beauty list this week is…Oprah! She shared a lighthearted video on Instagram featuring an inside look at “Stedman’s Barbershop”. According to Oprah, this is the first time Stedman has EVER picked up a pair of clippers! And what brave soul allowed him to cut their hair? Thando, one of Oprah’s daughters! Despite sounding a little concerned about Stedman’s skills during the haircut, Thando looked happy with the results.. The video has been liked more than 160,000 times. 

And last but certainly not least, the #1 spot goes to….Lizzo! Since the start of her career, she’s been an advocate for mental health, and self confidence. Lizzo is also known to be very honest and transparent about her own mental health. She recently revealed that self hatred was creeping up on her before she had to check herself. The 3-time Grammy award winner reminds us all to do some self-care. Find a body part you struggle with, and show it some love. The post has been liked over 900,000 times. 

That completes our Top 5 Black Instagram beauty list of the week! Did your favorites make the list? Comment down below and let us know! Make sure to follow @BHLOnline for all the latest news!

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