Black actors Trevor Noah, Lena Waithe, Sterling K Brown and Gabrielle Union pen an open letter to Hollywood, could a Juneteenth musical be on the horizon from Pharrel and Black-sh creator Kenya Barris, Disneyland’s Splash Mountain’s racist history is unearthed, and Hollywood Assistants are desperate as many see salary decreases

Written by: Kay Montgomery – June 23rd, 2020 7:38pm pst

At the Black Hollywood Reporter we discuss the business and creatives in top trending Black Entertainment news. In this week’s episode we delve into the issues surrounding change in Hollywood that have been brought to the forefront by Black American actors including Sterling K. Brown, Gabrielle Union, Trevor Noah, and Lena Waithe as well as Black artists in the U.K. including Colin Firth, Michaela Cohen, and David Oyelowo, and African Americans of the Writers Guild West, as each group pens a series of open letters. 

Disneyland is encouraged to Re-theme Splash Mountain, a popular water ride with a racist history. One of the concepts that has been gaining traction online is to rebrand the ride in a “Princess and The Frog” theme. We discuss Disneyland’s history of changing problematic rides and why people may object to it.

Hollywood assistants are being paid a third less as a result of Covid-19 though many claim to be doing just as much work. This may be an issue especially for Black and People of Color who may come from disadvantaged backgrounds and not have the wealth to withstand such a blow. We also get a personal perspective as co-host Samantha Jacobs weighs in.

Could a Juneteenth musical from Pharrell and “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris be the history lesson our country needs? Many are just learning about the holiday celebrating African American freedom and a musical by those two powerhouses could educate the masses.

And speaking of the Black-ish universe, lead Tracee Ellis Ross is slated to star in the “Daria” spin-off, “Jodi”. The animated series has landed at Comedy Central to the excitement of every MTV watching Gen-X’er.

Lastly, Ri-Karlo Handy and Nicole French set social media afire this week surrounding the hire black editors movement. A lot of people were looking to diversify their crews and had reached out to Handy who is African American and an editor for help, in turn he put out a call to begin constructing a list on a private Facebook group, which he was a part of. Quite a few people were enraged and posted some offensive comments. Nicole French, also a member of the group, screenshotted those comments and posted them to twitter. They received lots of attention and one editors’ disparaging tweets were disavowed by large companies he had worked with with many pledging to never hire him again. 

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Kay Montgomery is a host and writer for Black Hollywood Live who loves sitcoms and is currently embroiled in a vicious debate on Bracketology. She is A Different World devotee and although she has a masters degree in Education from The University of Redlands, she would have given anything to go to fictional Hillman College.

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