7 Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in May featuring Issa Rae, Ashton Sanders and Laura Harrier

Written by: Sana Moore – April 29th, 2020 7:35pm pst

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Have you ever spent so much time trying to find a new movie or television show on Netflix you get super frustrated? No need to waste any more of your precious time because here’s a list of seven awesome movies to watch on Netflix! Get your popcorn ready, because these movies and television shows will have your eyes glued to the television screen! 

1.All Day and A Night May 1 

This original film is about a man from a rough upbringing who had to make some tough decisions in order to survive. Unfortunately, his decisions landed him in prison, but once he tells his story, you may see his life in a different light. He takes us through his life and pulls you into his lifestyle to better understand why he made those decisions to survive.

Also, did we mention who is starring in the film? Jeffrey Wright and Ashton Sanders star in the new movie “All Day and A Night”. Plus the co-writer of Black Panther, Robert Cole, directed and wrote the film, “All Day and a Night”. 

2. Hollywood May 1 

Who doesn’t love a little taste of the Hollywood life? After World War II, a group of young adults came together to pursue their aspirations of becoming Hollywood stars! While on their journey to become stars, they noticed something in Hollywood didn’t sit right with their souls. The show will take you on their fight to have African-Americans portrayed in a positive light and have leading roles, which is something that was unheard of in that time period. Plus you will see some of your favorite stars like Queen Latifah, Patti LuPone, Daren Criss, Jeremy Pope, Laura Harrier, David Corenswet, and many more! It is a limited series, so make sure to set a reminder so you don’t miss out! 

3. She Hate Me May 1

This is a Spike Lee joint! John loses his job because he was a leaky bucket and exposed all the company’s top-secret information to the public. Instead of a traditional job, he found one that appreciates his sweat and hard work! He is now has a career in impregnating lesbian women who want to have children. How long will his career last? 

4.  Sleepless Nights May 8 

A cop’s son is kidnapped in his presence while in broad daylight! He’s got to race against the clock and give the kidnappers what they want before it’s too late! Will he win against the race against time?

5. The Eddy May 8 

Is music your jam? Eddy is all about a jazz club owner who runs into some dangerous and ruthless criminals that want to take him down no matter the cost! Eddy tries to protect his teenage daughter and his club, but when it gets tough, he might have to choose to let one go. Which do you think he will choose? The show is also a limited series, so make sure you catch it while you can! 

6. White Lines May 15 

Are you a huge fan of the hit series “Money Heist”? If so, you are going to fall in love with this show because the screenwriter for ‘Money Heist’, Alex Pina, created “White Lines”! The show is about a girl named Zoe Walker who is trying to find her brother’s killer. While on her quest to find her brother’s killer, she runs into some risky and dangerous situations that will have you on the edge of your seats! 

7. The LoveBirds May 22

Issa Rae and Kumal Nanjiani are in love! This film is all about a couple who has to find the killer of a homicide, or they will be forced to take the blame for the crime! The big question is, will the two find the bad guys or will they be going down for a murder they didn’t commit? 

Don’t miss out on the new releases and make sure you add to your list with more of our Netflix recommendations! Which series or movie are you excited to see and why? Let us know in the comments and make sure to share it with a friend, so you can watch together!  

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