Johnny Sanchez Shares Reason Popularity Took a Hit

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8/1/19 6:54PM

At one point, comedian Johnny Sanchez was on the path to become a household name, but some decisions stood in his way, and now he’s opening up about them.

Sanchez was a regular on MADtv from 2007 to 2009, and voiced a character in the movie Happy Feet, as well as its sequel. However, since then, he’s seen his popularity decline instead of increase.

Speaking with fellow comedian Bobby Lee on his show, TigerBelly, Sanchez opened up about why he refused to tour with some other comics, including Carlos Mencia who allegedly stoke jokes, and the impact it had.

“You always had a thing, though, like, you’re just to be safe. You have that thing,” said Lee.

“I felt like I, I knew which, I had this instinct that I think I got from my dad where sometimes even with other comics, not just him [Mencia]. I could have made some money, but I was like oh I don’t trust this dude man. Or it’s going to be bad. It’s going to be bad. Something’s gonna- something gonna turn out man,” shared Sanchez.

Touring has always a big way for comedians to grow their following and land consistent

Sanchez still did some high profile performances, including having a special Comedy Central and appearing on George Lopez’ Lopez Tonight and The Late Late Show. Still, he knows it could be bigger.

“Hence why I was the hottest guy in 99′ and then not now in 2019. Cuz sometimes those decisions; when you when you take, make decisions where someone could get you in front of mass audiences and you don’t, that, that could be a breaker right there, like, those could have been breakers,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez didn’t express regret for making those decisions. He knows he made the right decision.

For the full interview with Sanchez on TigerBelly, click the link above! New episodes of the show air Tuesdays.