Juneteenth in 2020: It’s bigger than ever

Written by: Sana Moore – June 19th, 2020 4:58pm pst

Black Hollywood Live wants to acknowledge and help celebrate Juneteenth. We take pride and value our Black staff and want to help educate those who are not familiar with the holiday. Our staff writers celebrate Black tradition, history, and ways you can help support the Black community. 

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Raise your glasses high, because today is a day of celebration! Juneteenth is the independence day for Black people. Juneteenth is the official day of when slaves were set free in America, which was June 19, 1865. Juneteenth is different from the Fourth of July, because Black people were still enslaved during that time. America loves to celebrate Independence Day because, on July 4, 1776, the country was legally separated and broke its ties from Great Britain, meanwhile  Black people were still shackled with their chains. With all of the attention being put on the racial disparities and the influence of Black culture in America, Juneteenth is bigger than ever in 2020. 

The death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and many more have shown the unjust and unequal treatment Black people face daily in America. Since the murdering of many Black lives, people around the world have been fighting for justice and helping make change for human rights for Black people. The lives lost due to racism will never come back, but this year’s celebration of Juneteenth is special, because it will be a tribute to their lives and a celebration for Black excellence.

This Juneteenth will be special because many people are starting to realize the value of Black people around the world. Black and non-Black people are starting to discover ways to support the Black community economically and through the justice system. 

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