Kanye West announced via Twitter he is running for President. The FBI has opened a hate crime investigation into the alleged attempted lynching of Vauhxx Booker. A Florida man loses his job after Costco mask tirade.

Written by: Shaka Smith – July 8th, 2020 10:45 pm pst

Credit: Kayne West’s Twitter

BLM Community, More Than Just a Hashtag: Race and Inequality 

Black Hollywood Live’s special series, BLM Community, More Than Just A Hashtag and host Shaka Smith provides all the latest news and commentary surrounding Black Lives Matter issues. 

In this edition, the panel gave their reactions to today’s breaking news and more. The panel addressed Kanye West’s Presidential run announcement, for which Kanye also sat down with Forbes. Among other interesting details, Kanye revealed he would be running under the “Birthday Party,” no longer supports Trump and is weary of any potential COVID vaccine as a “mark of the beast.”


The panel also addressed the FBI opening of a hate crime into the alleged attempted lynching of Vauhxx Booker in Indiana. After the filmed encounter went viral, protesters demanded charges be brought against the men in the video seen holding Mr. Booker. The protests while effective in getting national attention also resulted in injury when a motor vehicle slammed into protesters Monday evening. The driver has yet to be identified. 


In more viral video discussion, the panel examined the collision of issues of race and mask wearing. It was revealed the man behind the Costco tirade, Daniel Maples, 42 was fired from his position at Ted Todd Insurance. The company released a statement on Facebook saying the “behavior in the video is in direct conflict with our company values and [his] employment has been terminated.”


Black Hollywood Live’s BLM Community show discusses race and inequality in America with host Shaka Smith and panelists: attorney LaToya Lynn Blakely, educator/journalist Thelma Mbaezue-Daniel, and actor/comedian Derrick Downey, Jr.

For the full BLM Community episode and for more great discussion, be sure to check out Black Hollywood Live’s BLM Community: More Than A Hashtag.

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