Keri Hilson Accused of Nose Job, Cardi B is the new Fruit Ninja, and Press On Nails Are Evolving

Written by: Tyler Simone – April 19th, 2020 6:24pm pst


Keri Hilson addresses nose job rumors and press-on nails have reached a new level. All of that and more on this weeks’ Black Hollywood Live Top 5 Black Instagram Beauty Edition!

The #5 spot on the Black Instagram Beauty list goes to Cardi B after going live for her 63 million followers. She used her iconic long nails to slice open a mango and fans were impressed. They took to twitter to discuss this and are now referring to her as “Fruit Ninja”. In response, Cardi says, “I can do it all baby. Just want people to stop asking me how I wipe my butt.” 

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Evan Ross takes the #4 spot this week! He posted an Instagram photo of himself and his daughter Jagger Snow after their  father daughter’s quarantine beauty treatment. Evan’s gray lipstick and mint colored nails? Done by Jagger, and Jagger’s hair? Done by dad. This post has over 24,000 likes. 

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Keri Hilson made it onto our list this week for the very first time after being accused of having a nose job. She takes the #3 spot. Keri has been accused of having plastic surgery done in the past. Celebrity news outlet, The Neighborhood Talk 2, let us in on what was going on in the comments of an old family photo she posted for her followers to see. One user commented, “Your nose job was spectacular. Excellent surgery.” Keri responded letting them know that contour was used and she hasn’t had any work done despite the rumors. That post has been liked more than 150,000 times. 

Press on nails are evolving! The Shaderoom takes the #2 spot on the black instagram beauty list this week after shedding the spotlight on press on nails created by black nail artists. The nails closely resemble an acrylic full-set one would normally pay for at a nail salon. Considering our current circumstances, these are super convenient for nail enthusiasts. The post has been liked more than 180,000 times. 

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TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh ___ #TSRClawz: I consider myself something of a nail enthusiast with a real appreciation for nail art so if you would’ve told me press-on nails could be this cute, I probably would have scoffed at the idea. ___ However, we’ve come a long way from Lee press ons boo boo, and I have to say these press-on nails are just as fire as some tips you’d get at your local salon. ___ What makes them even more lit? They’re all designed by women of color. So if you can save one of your beauty routines this quarantine, let it be your nails. ___ That’s right, suffer no more, sis! SWIPE and let us know which number fits your nail profile! Via @trillanails @nailsbynae_ @celestialnails @Pressedfornails @lovelena_

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And last but certainly not least, the #1 spot goes to Tracee Ellis Ross. The actress and socialite is all about self care. She gave us a hand health beauty tip in a recent Instagram video that has since been viewed more than 700,000 times. According to Tracee, we all need to be loving, gentle and kind to ourselves and that includes our hands! Tracee says all you need is Bag Balm and a clean pair of socks. She shows you exactly what to do right before bed to achieve smooth, beautiful hands. “It’s totally worth it and it’s actually a little gentle loving version of self care to replenish the moisture in your hands.” 

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Nothing like an old school remedy!

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