Kevin Ross Reveals the Sexy Sound of Audacity and Advocacy for Artists

Written by: Neema Skye – February 3rd, 2020 5:35pm PT

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After two years of his first album, The Awakening, Kevin Ross has the “Audacity” to give his fans a new grit and sensual sound on his sophomore album.

With over 35 million views across his social media platforms, Ross has kept his fans glued in covering some of R&B favorite hits in his creation of mash-up’s. With so much anticipation for new music, his label Art Society Music Group has been his focus. Being an artist advocate, Ross feels that every creative deserves the line shine of what they create.

In his process of being an independent artist, Ross has discovered that although being independent isn’t always sexy, when artists are provided the right tools and opportunity, they have a shot of succeeding in their own world. He feels that artists should have the power to be independent, have ownership, create partnerships and have full creative control of their product. Ross shares that he created his label to help other creatives.

“We’re blessed and we want to be able to reach out to every single creative to let them know that this is possible,” said Ross.

With great plans to use his label as a bridge to educate and help other artists, Ross’ execution of his first independent project Audacity Volume One has been a great success. Fans can expect a new sexier side of Ross on this new album.

Audacity unveils and uncovers the humane side of Ross, allowing him to address heartbreak, possessiveness, and all the things he didn’t address in Awakening.

“It’s just a lot more grittier, it’s a lot more sensual. You know, you get a more sexier side,” Ross expressed.

Now we see a vulnerable side of Ross that allows fans to resonate with his soulful sound on a deeper level.

As streaming numbers continue to increase on the release of his new album Audacity, Volume One, you can continue to follow the release of the second volume and more at @kevinrossmusic.

For the full interview with Ross, click the link above.

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