King Bach Credits God for His Success

Written by: Michael Clouse – September 19th, 2019 9:42am PT

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Actor and comedian Andrew Bachelor, aka King Bach, has over 18 million followers on Instagram, over two and a half million on Twitter, and another two million on YouTube, and yet, he knows the success is not his alone.

“It’s what God planned,” shared Bachelor.

What started as posting videos on the platform Vine and becoming it’s top creator, has blossomed into a successful career of one viral video after the next, followed by roles in television shows and movies, including When We First Met and the popular Netflix film, To All The Boys I’ve Love Before.

Contrary to his online persona of being exuberant, in person, Bachelor is relaxed, calm, and collected. He doesn’t go out in public much (including sacrificing going to Disneyland) to avoid some hectic encounters with fans, and instead, is constantly creating new material for sketches.

“I have like, a small, small, small tight circle, so it’s like, I’m in my own head and I do my own thing,” Bachelor told TK Trinidad during their conversation on Black Hollywood Live.

That circle includes fellow online creators Amanda Cerny, Logan Paul, DeStorm Power, and others he includes in his comedy videos. They’ve helped each other become global names. Cerny, Power, and Bachelor even created The Zeus Network together, a platform for creators to share original content.

So where does his personal creativity come from? Bachelor will be the first to tell you some of it is divine.

“I think it’s all God. Like, I don’t know, cause sometimes be, I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m like, and an idea hits me and boom, God just hit me with, boom, God hit me in my head,” said Bachelor.

A story in New York Magazine shared Bachelor’s upbringing in a Christian home, and he’s been spotted at some churches around Los Angeles. However, Bachelor opened up to BHL about how he believes God speaks to him, even when it’s not the most convenient, like in the middle of the night.

“I said, ‘God, what you doing? I’m sleeping right now,'” joked Bachelor. “‘Yeah, I don’t care. You’re gonna take this idea and it’s gonna go viral.'”

If his path has taught you anything, King Bach eventually wants more than that. He has longed to do more mainstream projects vs. digital shorts, aiming for bigger budget shows and motion pictures.

“I wanna be the biggest movie star in the world,” admitted Bachelor.

It’s an outcome desired by many creators on YouTube, but few have dedicated the time and effort to make it a reality like Bachelor. And as the results start to come, including his new role in the upcoming movie, Greenland, opposite Gerard Butler, Bachelor knows God’s plan is bigger than his own, and so he trusts.

“I’m a firm believer,” said Bachelor.

Someday that belief will lead him to being the lead of a movie seen on screens around the world, and it’s our belief it will happen very soon.

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