Is Hollywood on the Brink of a Racial Reckoning?

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Episode Description:

In this weeks episode we delve into the issues surrounding change in Hollywood that have been brought to the forefront by Black American actors, Black artists in the U.K. and African American writers of the writers guild as each group pens a series of open letters. Disneyland is encouraged to Re-theme Splash Mountain, a popular water ride with a racist history. Hollywood assistants are being paid a third less as a result of Covid-19 though many claim to be doing just as much work and could a Juneteenth musical from Pharrell and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris be the history lesson our country needs? And speaking of the Black-ish universe, lead Tracee Ellis Ross is slated to star in the Daria spin-off Jodi. The animated series has landed at Comedy Central to the excitement of every MTV watching Gen-X’er.

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