Love and Hip Hop’s Booby Opens Up About Co-Parenting with Ex Keyshia

Written by: Rachel Goodman – September 24th, 2019 8:04pm PT

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Daniel Gibson, also known as Booby, wouldn’t ever get back with ex Keyshia Cole, but their co-parenting relationship isn’t as bad as some of the blogs make it out to be.

“[Co-parenting] actually is cool,” Booby said recently in an interview with AfterBuzz TV’s Love And Hip Hop recap show. “I know the blogs be trying to always turn us against each other and sometimes she play into it, and I hate it. But we are really good.”

After a three-year marriage (and wedding that aired on the reality TV show Keyshia & Daniel: Family First), the couple split back in 2014 with news of Gibson’s alleged infidelity. 

For the sake of their son, they’ve tried to keep things cordial between the two of them.

“As far as like I know that even my son wants to be around his little bro more,” Booby continued to say to AfterBuzz TV hosts. “So I’m cool with the guy that she talks to. I talk to his mom even if my little man want to stay over there longer just so he can get that experience with his little bro. Like we are really good.”

“Would y’all ever…” one of our AfterBuzz TV show hosts began to ask.

“No,” Booby was quick to say, assuming the host was about to ask if he’d ever get back together with Cole.

“…collab,” the host finished.

Booby let out a loud “whew” and then proceeded to tell the hosts that he probably would not collaborate with Cole, but that Cole was well-aware of his musical talents from back in the days when he helped her with ideas for her tracks.

For now, even if there won’t be a Booby and Cole musical collaboration, at least they’re co-parenting with little drama. That’s a collaboration that any parent should be proud of.

For the full interview with Booby, check out the show at the link above!

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